Hitman: Blood Money

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Amendment XXV

  • Eliminate: Mark Parchezzhi III
  • Eliminate: Vice President Daniel Morris
Recommended Equipment:
W2000 (maxed out and including the Foil Padded Case), a concealable (non-custom) weapon
Average Time Taken: 13:21

People in the Level: 74
2 targets, 42 bodyguards, 30 innocent people

Intel? More partial spoilers!


This is it. If you kept your notoriety down to a reasonable level, you'll be fine. If, however, you got a little trigger happy on your previous excursions and ran yourself into the red (so to speak), Guards will become instantly suspicious and shoot on sight. Unless you want to go in all guns blazing (or home in a box), your game is essentially over and you should replay previous missions and get a better rating.

Saunter through the main doors and into the washroom on the left. Make sure the door is closed, then go about dropping the gun that you brought with you on the floor (part of a cunning plan, I assure you). Open the door and wait for someone to notice said gun. Once they have, they'll inform the nearest Soldier in a prompt and timely manner, and he'll come running like a good little dog of the state. Close the door behind him and then incapacitate him with the Sedative Syringe. Now we have a one- size-fits-all uniform to act all nefarious in.

Grab your Rifle Case and stroll through the set of doors directly opposite the main entrance, like the cock of the walk, because they can't touch you (you still need to place your case on the belt, otherwise you'll blow your cover). The door just to the left leads to the security room, which is where all the cool people want to go.

Inside, on the desk is the Main Building Key and an incredibly easy to retrieve Videotape. Take them both and step back into the corridor. Hang a left and keep heading straight until you reach the flag room. At the end of this highly patriotic room is the door that our Keycard opens. Follow the stairwell around to its conclusion and check your map. Daniel Morris should be milling around on this floor somewhere, but if he isn't here, then he's probably taking 'Justice' the dog for his constitutional (that was clever).

He'll come back eventually, that's the main thing, right? In all honestly, it shouldn't take anywhere near that much time to reach this point. There's a locked set of doors to the left side of the circular room (map equals friend). What cunning feat of assassination are we going to undertake now? Why, we're going to lurk in this room until the Vice President Daniel Morris comes back from his walk (or is on his way to collect doggie-dearest) and then inhume him in some colourful fashion or other.

The blanket box at the back of the room serves as a good place to hide him. With the VP face-down in the bottom of a box, take the door at the bottom of the stairs and head out onto the lawn (not the stairs you came in by, the other set that's marked on the map has a smaller set next to them). Just to the left of the door is a climbable trellis (that Sam Fisher has a lot to answer for), and because it's there, I suggest you climb it (to the roof). Just keep an eye out for a Secret Service guy that walks around the perimeter of the lawn.

You see that circular cut-out on the map? A Secret Service Agent comes out of the nearby door and takes his (very frequent) breaks here (must be unionised). Sedate him when he turns his back and drag him around the other side of the dome before taking his clothes and the Keycard to the door (just keep an eye out for a mild-mannered Janitor that also happens to take his breaks here).

Use the Keycard to gain access to the building, and run through the office area and out into the stairwell (check the map if you like). Take the stairs down to yet another office area. Weave your way through the labyrinthine mass of office cubicles (it's a small wonder that these people get any work done) and enter the Oval Office.

Inside of the office is none other than Mark Parchezzhi III. After a little talk and a lot of boom, Mark will flee (sending the place into red alert). Well, go after him (I'll stay here and sharpen pencils). Dash back through the office area and back out onto the roof - Mark Parchezzhi III is waiting for you by the scaffolding ladder. As soon as he sees you, he'll open fire (duh), so keep your distance and take him down with the W2000.

With Mark III no longer alive, victory is ours. Well, that's when you pack up your rifle and head to the exit (exactly the same place as you started, and located conveniently near your suit). I got one of those naked lady wiggle pens at the gift shop. Hey, it's a long journey home.


  1. The Guards here will open fire if weapons are detected by the metal detectors.
  2. Any confiscated weapons at the museum entrance will be stored away by security.
  3. The White House is surrounded by an iron gate - which varies in height.
  4. Guards will respond if the laser system in the Museum is triggered.
  5. The 1st Lady has a dog, which is regularly taken for a walk in the backyard.
  6. The Oval Office has been the setting for many historical meetings.
  7. Carpenters working in the main building have put up scaffolds for renovation purposes.

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