Hitman: Blood Money

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Curtains Down

  • Eliminate: Alvard D'Alvade
  • Eliminate: Richard Delahunt
Recommended Equipment:
W2000 Sniper with Silencer (optional, acquired after Flatline) and Low Velocity Ammo.
Average Time Taken: 9:47

People in the Level: 65
2 targets, 26 guards, 39 innocent people

Intel? More partial spoilers!

The best way to do this is to grab ourselves a Workman's costume, which is really quite convenient, as there's going to be one going into the toilets to the right of the wardrobe in about 45 seconds from now. Go entertain yourselves in a polite and legal manner inside of the toilets until our clothes donor comes in and uses the second stall (watch out for the idiotic Civilian in the brown shirt, who always needs to pee at the worst possible time).

Anyway, when the Workman comes in and turns his back on you, sedate him and steal his overalls before dumping him in the hopper (this guy is very easily spooked and he won't think twice about leaving at the slightest provocation). Don't bother grabbing his toolbox, because we don't need it, instead, grab your trusty Rifle Case or it'll get confiscated by a Security Guard - in about seven minutes, if we're being exact.

Head down the stairs and follow the corridor around to the right (you'll need to show a little extra care - Workmen don't normally carry attaché cases, and people will be instantly more suspicious around you). Right at the end, you'll see someone painting a door (a painter, duh) - through that doorway and then down the stairs is where we're heading. Head all the way down and into the next area, then take the small set of stairs to the right of the auditorium door (big green sign) and turn right.

Okay, now take the second set of doors on your left, then take the turn to the left (another big green sign) and follow the twisting corridor around. Here you can also find the nice Easteregg Ratclub. Anyways, get up the stairs. Welcome to the boiler room. Take the door on the left, unless you quite like women screaming at you, and head through the locker room to reach the backstage area.

Hang a right and carry on straight until you come across the set of doors on your left. This room here is where the lighting men hang out, directly behind the stage - because you're such a fit guy/gal, I want you to sprint up those stairs (all two-hundred or so) and up onto the gantry. Head over to and through the door across the other side. Run up to the winch control for the chandelier and plant a RU-AP Mine before tackling those stairs again.

Before we can leave, we need to grab the Keycard to the light control room. Where is it? There are some stairs to the left of the toilets that D'Alvarde's Bodyguard frequents (way too much peeing going on). Obviously, you need to head up them, so do it already. The room at the end of the corridor contains the Keycard (on the far left desk, if you must know).

With Keycard and Rifle Case in hand, make your way all the way back through the winding corridors until you reach the lobby once more (sorry). From here, we need to reach the third circle (upmost floor) (which means taking even more stairs - they're accessible from the first circle, you can't miss them). The light control room is the one in the very middle of the third circle and is the only room with a card lock.

The lighting room not a pretty room, but it does give a grand view of the stage. From the Light Control Room we can get a clean shot at Alvard D'Alvarde, so unpack your rifle and get ready. The only catch is that our gun is still quite the noise-maker, so to counteract this, we need to time our shot with that of the sound of the gunshot that plays at the end of the third act.

Once Richard Delahunt clocks-on to the fact that his especial friend is really not faking, he'll come running. Now take out your Detonator and wait for him to arrive. He'll trip and fall before reaching the stage, and that will be your cue to bring the house down. One of his Bodyguards may find himself in the wrong place at the wrong time, but it won't count against you. The mission is over, repack your rifle and stroll back to the toilets to reclaim your suit.


  1. The contents of Toolboxes will not be searched when you are frisked.
  2. There is a lift shaft from the backstage area to the Stage. It is closely observed and only actors are permitted.
  3. Lead Actors go to their private rooms to rehearse during breaks.
  4. The large Chandelier is attached with bolts to the floor of the Attic.
  5. Only actors are allowed on Stage.
  6. Light Technicians have keycards to the Light Control Room.
  7. There is a light rack above the Stage that might prove useful.
  8. The prop gun used for the execution is an exact replica of a real World War I pistol.

A Vintage Year Flatline

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