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Death of a Showman

There are many, many ways to do each mission (apart from the training level), but not every way through produces a Silent Assassin rating. Lucky for you, the walkthroughs that you see here are guaranteed to end in some Silent Assassin love. If you have your own twists on things or you just want to clear some things up, then by all means let me know. Now, I've checked and rechecked that each walkthrough will work for every difficulty setting. On Expert and Professional, remember to retrieve your suit and any custom weapons in order to get a Silent Assassin rank.

A teeny little note about spoilers: it's obvious that you've got to kill people, but what isn't so obvious is why you have to kill them, or what bearing it has on the story. What you won't find me doing is cutting away from this guide to give you a briefing, or some far from sane commentary on what's happening in-between missions.

Death of a Showman

  • Eliminate: Joseph Clarence A.K.A 'The Swing King'
Recommended Equipment: N/A
Average Time Taken: N/A

You don't get rated for your performance on this mission - your only aim is to stay alive. Any weapons that you purloin on this mission can't be kept unless you pull a crafty one and place them in the ICA Case near the Swing King's office (which you should).

Make your way up and over the various pieces of debris to the pier; you can't deviate from your preordained course, so don't bother trying. Straight ahead of us is an abandoned theme park; that's right, a villain in a bad costume is scaring away the punters (sorry, that's Scooby Doo). Approach the gates and wait for a smooth talking Gangster to come speak with you. After a little conversation, 47 will let himself in.

Once inside the park (note the cunningly blocked short way round), pop into the gift shop. Outside of the window are another couple of Gangsters (conveniently located near our exit). Take a Coin from your evil pocket and throw the coin out of the window with button, from your evil pocket and throw it out of the window (making sure to hit the sign), dumb and dumber will both go to check it out, leaving it safe to make a run for the theatre.

Inside, the next bit is entirely optional. You can either kill the Henchman that's 'upsetting' the Lawyer or you can climb the red trellis to the right and be on your merry way (saving him isn't exactly an objective). Well, whatever you choose to do, you need to be all sneaky about it. When you reach the top, you'll need to jump from balcony-to-balcony (push towards it).

If you were concerned about our current lack of firearms, then worry ye not, because that looks like a Shotgun. You've seen it in the movies, where they shoot the lock off the door and then burst in to dispense justice? Do that. There are two Gangsters sitting at the table in the next room (armed with SLP.40's), so go to it (use first-person view for ease).

With the Gangsters dead and gone, you need to shove their bodies inside the conveniently located hoppers. With the bodies safely out of view, you'll now be instructed to hide in the closet (note the Kitchen Knife stuck in the door), the moment you do, a Chemist appears (as if by magic).

Exit your hiding place and do what needs to be done. Take his Keycard and his pants (those are the rules) and head through the newly available door. In the atrium, keep walking all nonchalant-like until you come to a door - inside the room is an innocent looking crate. Empty your pockets of any metallic items and take the Baking Soda Crate (contain that excitement).

With the Baking Soda Crate in hand, carry on in the direction that you were heading. The Gangster at the far door will use a hand-scanner to search you. Head through the door and drop into the lift shaft with your Fiber Wire (after another cut-scene) and strangle the guy standing below the hatch (very Leon) before dropping down.

The junction box on the wall isn't just for show - sabotaging it will knock out the lights in the adjoining room for the next couple of minutes - use this time to run through it (following the left wall all the way around) and into the toilets. You'll find a Gangster who just so happens to be in the middle of something (you fill in the blanks), so take his TMP off the basin and grab him as a human shield while he's occupied.

Mosey on around the corner and kill his friends at the table. The gunfire will no doubt draw some unwanted attention from the other room, so climb that ladder like a monkey (take care of the human shield first). You'll encounter another cut-scene at the top, and a Dragunov. Unpack the rifle, head over to the window, and bring up the scope. Your task, should you choose to accept it, is to take down the three Gangsters in the food court.

There's one down on the ground, one up on the roof of the office, and one on the big wheel (the latter two also have Dragunovs). You should take care of the snipers first, as the Gangster on the ground can't really do much, so he can wait. If you're a little off target, there's some more ammo in the corner near the doorway. With the Gangsters slightly more out than down, head outside and down the drainpipe (take the rifle, if you like).

Straight across the yard is the Swing King's office. Inside, grab the Poison Syringe from the ICA Case, then proceed silently up the stairs (ideally, when the Gangster is distracted by the Secretary). When the coast is clear, sneak up and use button to shove him out of the window. You should be able to sneak in and lace the Secretary's drink with the Syringe if you're quick. With the totally hot Secretary (well, she is... was) taken care of, it's time for Mr. Swing King.

Enter the Swing King's office proper, and after the brief cut-scene (the, "I'm gonna kill you" kind), Clarence gets all weepy (the "don't kill me" kind), grab him as a human shield before taking him to the window from before and shoving him out. With all that done, dusted and murdered, head back into the office and climb out of the window to the rear, onto another balcony.

This isn't an ordinary balcony, nope, this one contains a specially delivered Agency pick-up - an RU-AP Mine and Detonator. Grab them both (obviously) and continue to the end before climbing through the window. Inside the final room, plant the RU-AP on the winch control near the stairs, then go hide by the window. When the bomb blows, the lights will come crashing down upon the heads of Scoop's friends. All that's left for you to do is go down there and deal with Scoop himself and the only remaining witness. The exit? Try the door with the big orange exit sign.

Tricks of the Trade A Vintage Year

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