Hitman: Blood Money

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Death on the Mississippi

  • Eliminate: Skip Muldoon
  • Eliminate: The Gator Gang (6)
  • Retrieve Pictures
Recommended Equipment: None
Average Time Taken: 11:30

People in the Level: 109
7 targets, 18 guards, 84 innocent people

Intel? More partial spoilers!

Onwards and ever upwards, literally, because I want you to run down the port-side of the ship and up the large metal staircase to your right. As if by magic, a Sailor appears. Send him to lullaby land with the Sedative Syringe and drag him into the room opposite the one he came out of, and try on his one- size-fits-all Sailor uniform (the key on the table will save you a couple of seconds during the next bit, so feel free to liberate it).

Head back down and enter the engine room. In here, you'll find a couple of Engineers and target numero uno. The Engineers are quite preoccupied (they also have ear protectors and can't hear a thing), so when the Gator goes to inspect one of the engines, you can push him over the rail without as much as a problem. That's accident number one and Gator number one taken care of (and we've only just started).

Return to where you started and head up those fancy stairs - it doesn't matter which branch you take just as long as you enter one of the sets of doors at the top. Up the next set of stairs is the restaurant deck. We're not interested in that just yet, so opt to take the door between the stairs - this is the cabin area. Oh look, is that one of our targets?

We can't touch him yet because he's on his way to some woman's cabin (309) to, er, play Monopoly. Well, whatever he's doing, it doesn't take a very long time, so just wait. When Gator-boy comes out, follow him outside. He'll ever so helpfully go stand next to a deck rail - make sure no-one is around and give him a shove in the wrong direction. Strike up another one for the diabolical Mister Accident.

Return to the cabin area and go down the stairs directly in front of you (in the darkened corner). The guard-quarters are off limits to schmucks, so we can be happy we nabbed that Sailor suit earlier on. We need to be in the room below (south of) the one with the Point of Interest - it's as dark as hell but if you find the light switch, you should see a Purser uniform (fancy-arse waiter to you and me) waiting to be taken.

Change and head back to the restaurant deck (yes, finally up those stairs). Mingle through the dining area and out of the only available exit at the far side. The door at the end of this next area leads into the standard kitchen (it's not used in this walkthrough and they don't have any sandwiches, I checked) and the norther set of doors next to it lead to the VIP (Very Irritating Pricks) lounge.

As soon as you enter the lounge, the toff to the left should accost you, and in a fine Beauregard accent ask you to deliver some fancy-pants champagne to his cabin. The best part is that he'll give you the key.
Return to the cabin area and this time head right to the end and through the second set of doors. Cabin 323 is the first door you'll find on the right-hand wall. Because the fop didn't give you a tip, I demand that you steal his Tuxedo and the VIP Pass from the table. Now that we're dressed to kill, proceed up the stairs at the back of this area and into the VIP section. Take the bottom-left door in this room - it leads to the main hall, don'tcha know.

Check your map for a Point of Interest - like before, it's the room next to it that we want. It's another staff only area, so we can't just walk in. We need to wait for the Sailor guarding the door to go in and come back out (because the door will open outwards, obscuring the view of the second Sailor just long enough to allow you to sneak in).

Inside this room is a 1st Class Purser uniform for the taking, with which we can gain access to the Gator deck (level five, baby). Head into the kitchen (the room marked as the aforementioned Point of Interest). Inside, you'll be charged with the special task of delivering a Birthday Cake to the Cap'n. If you feel the need and you decided to bring it with you, you can hide your Silverballer inside of the Cake (or whatever weapon grabs your fancy).

We'll be passing a scan point soon, so get rid of the usual paraphernalia before exiting onto the deck via the side door. Head up the stairs to the fifth deck. When you reach the main cabin area, you'll be searched by the Gator with the boomstick. With the all-clear, keep going until you reach Skip's cabin. Put the Birthday Cake on the desk, and when Captain Skip Muldoon turns his back, take him out suitably and hide his body in the adjoining room (near the TV - don't drag him into the bathroom by mistake). This is also where the safe is kept. Hurry up and take those photos.

The Captain may be down and the photos retrieved, but there are still four more Gators to go - soon to be three. Every couple of minutes, one of the Gators will come in and check on the Captain. Hide behind the door, and when he comes in, take him down and hide him with his Captain. The redneck without a shirt must drink a lot, because he pees like a horse. He's the only one who uses the toilet, so you can safely kill him in there.

Four down and two to go. The Gator outside the door with the Shotgun can be taken down easily if you hide behind the closest wall to the door. When he thinks you're gone, he'll turn his back slightly towards you, making himself an easy target. Again, hide the body in the toilet. That's five down - just keep an eye out for a wandering Purser. Head back down the steps and wait for the final Gator to pause and gaze out upon the river, then give him a push.

Return to where you acquired the Sailor uniform and reclaim your suit before re-entering the engine room (again, the Engineers aren't too hard to avoid) and exiting through the far door (look through the keyhole for one last Sailor - he guards the lifeboat but comes up to that room on occasion). Either way, sneak past him or knock him out before making your way to the exit.


  1. The Engine Room is off limits to passengers - the Furnace is a dangerous workplace.
  2. Man over board - the wild waters of the river will cause certain death.
  3. The Captain's cake is being prepared in the Galley in the rear of the 4th deck.
  4. Only the 1st Class Pursers are allowed in the Gators Private area.
  5. The lower class Kitchen prepares food for both the tourists on board as well as the Gators on the top deck. Extra flavor could be added.
  6. The boss has received some heavy duty hunting gear from a business alliance. The present is kept secure at the Staff Quarters.

You Better Watch Out Till Death Do Us Part

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