Hitman: Blood Money

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Leave no witnesses:

  • Recommended Equipment: N/A
  • Average Time Taken: N/A
People in the Level: 12
9 guards, Jack in the wheelchair, the journalist and a priest


You don't get rated for your performance on this mission - your only aim is to stay alive. Any weapons that you purloin on this mission cannot be kept under any circumstance.

I've not seen a fake credit screen since Donkey Kong Country. However, if you don't get your act together, the cremation at the end will be anything but. Rotate the left analogue stick as fast as you can to regain consciousness, and immediately run left and take cover behind the posts in the corner. Resist the urge to use the slow-motion to waste people, because it'll just get you shot. You could try taking the Priest hostage, but that doesn't always work out like it should.

We're severely outnumbered, so this is our safest option. The Silverballers are nice and all, but I'd think about grabbing an MP7 from a dead Bodyguard as soon as you can. The Bodyguards will come at you from either the left or the right, either way, they will tend to stand in an orderly line. With at least twelve or so real corpses now carpeting the floor of the chapel, exit via the side and follow the cliff around to the main gate - this gives you an almost unfair advantage over the Bodyguard attempting to open the gate (and the Reporter, but he can wait). Head back to the right and gun down Wheelchair Guy. With every target eliminated, you'll now get to see the true ending.

Amendment XXV Weapons

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