Hitman: Blood Money

FAQ written by Mike Penance

The Murder of Crows

  • Eliminate: Mark Purayah Jr.
  • Eliminate: Raymond Kulinsky
  • Eliminate: Angelina Mason
  • Protect Politician
  • Retrieve Diamonds (Optional)
Recommended Equipment:
Silverballer with Silencer and Red Dot Sight
Average Time Taken: 8:29

People in the Level: 127
3 targets, 22 guards, 94 innocent people and the congress man
+ a lot of randomly generated people

Intel? More partial spoilers!

We're in a swanky hotel, but we can't stay, sadly. There are three clubs in the area: a blues bar (Blue Oyster), a rock bar (Rocker's Choice), and a salsa bar (Latin Fever). Our first task is to track down Raymond. Each club has a strict dress code and won't let you through the front doors without the appropriate attire, however, each club has a back ally with a door or window that you can sneak through. As an added bonus, the Chef in the Blue Oyster (across from the hotel) is all on his own and very lonesome and can easily be incapacitated and robbed of his whites. This, of course, will allow you full access to each club, making finding Raymond much easier.

Raymond Kulinsky is randomly assigned to the back room of one of the clubs, and each back room can be accessed via the kitchen. You even have to climb some obstacles for the rock bar. Once you find and kill Raymond Kulinsky, take his oversized Bird suit and his Walkie-Talkie (and his lovely Desert Eagle while you're at it). With the Walkie-Talkie, Angelina Mason and Mark Purayah Jr. will appear on the map - pretty vital for finding Ray's girlfriend when the time comes. Until that time comes, you'll want to stay the hell away from her, as if she sees you dressed like this, she'll blow a fuse. Also leave the bar the way you came in when you wear the bird suit.

Enter the large building at the top of the map (north-west, compass fans). Upstairs, you will find a lone Bird Guard and, in the next room, Mark Jr. Just hang back until the red Delivery Bird has been and gone before sedating the Bird Guard and pilfering his yellow suit (drag him into the corner nearest the door so that Mark Jr. can't see him when you go to open it).

The simplest way to deal with Mark Purayah Jr. is to stand behind his chair and wait for him to sit down with his diamonds in the suitcase and then, well, you know what. Whatever you decide, his body can remain where it is. Now it's Angelina time, well, it will be once you steal those Diamonds from off the desk. Angelina Mason will kindly keep you informed of her intended location via Raymond's Walkie-Talkie, so it's really just a case of getting there before she does and lying in wait.

If the place is too crowded or it looks too tricky to make a silent kill, wait until she moves somewhere that suits you. I find that the eastern courtyard (the one with the four entrances) is ideal, as you can take her hostage and drag her into the nearby building (she passes this way when heading to Latin Fever (just watch for the patrolling Policeman). With Angelina Mason down, you may as well take her SLP.40.S before recollecting your thoughts and the Diamonds. Go and grab your suit from the bar before heading for the exit.


  1. Walkie Talkies transmit everything - even background sound and music, which could reveal someone's location.
  2. Clubs usually have a back entrance for the staff.
  3. Bookstore walls are like paper - you can overhear what's going on next door.
  4. Clubs in this area are known for having hat-dress codes and music themes.
  5. Some private apartments have a useful view.
  6. Pianos can kill - especially when they are dropped from the sky.
  7. A guy dressed as a yellow bird checked into a hotel room a couple of hours ago.

A New Life You Better Watch Out

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