Hitman: Blood Money

FAQ written by Mike Penance

Till Death Do Us Part

  • Eliminate: The Groom
  • Eliminate: The Bride's Father
  • Ensure the Bride's safety
Recommended Equipment: None
Average Time Taken: 7:10

People in the Level: 101
2 targets, 31 bodyguards, 67 innocent people and the bride

Intel? More partial spoilers!

Make your way from where you docked and head out onto the central wedding area (with people dancing and stuff like that). In plain view, there's a drunken Hillbilly ever-so eloquently puking his guts up on the grass (better than on your shoes). After he's finished, he'll go on a little wander to a dark and secluded place (the inner recesses of my mind).

Follow him and wait until he slips into a drunken coma before relieving him of his Six-Shooter and Party Invite (if he were to wake, he wouldn't miss them). Inside the mansion, head through the doors behind the stairs and into the room where the wedding reception is being held. From here, take the doors directly in front of you (the one with the Gang Members) and head back outside on the other side this time.

Head around the corner to the left. We need a uniform and that Gang Member is going to give us his (kinda). 'Pappy' LeBlanc is going to wander by him, so make sure the old man is out of the way before making your move. Once he's out cold, drag him from his resting place and down the steps to the left (stay in the shadows of the house and you'll be fine). A little way along from the bottom of these steps is a storage box, so strip him of his threads and shove him in before taking off in the direction of Pappy (he's in the graveyard).

In the graveyard, the bride's father Pappy LeBlanc will take a brief pause at the open grave of his dead brother - quickly check if the coast is clear and use the opportunity to shove him in (well, at least they don't have to bury him). Return to where you came outside from and run around to the right this time (grab your suit on the way), and climb through the kitchen window. Make sure nobody is around (Waiter, Groom, or Priest) and poison the icing on the wedding cake. You're done, so leave through the window and return to the starting point, where you can wait for the Groom to take a bite of the icing.


  1. Guns and shooting in outdoor areas don't make Rednecks panic.
  2. The water is home to Alligators.
  3. The Priest rings the Wedding Bell to announce the ceremony.
  4. The Father's recently deceased brother is buried at the family graveyard.
  5. The Groom can't keep himself from the whipped cream on the Wedding Cake.

Death on the Mississippi A House of Cards

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