Hitman: Blood Money

FAQ written by Mike Penance

You Better Watch Out

  • Eliminate: Lorne De Havilland
  • Eliminate: Chad Bingham Jr.
  • Retrieve Videotape
Recommended Equipment:
Silverballer with Silencer and Scope
Average Time Taken: 10:22

People in the Level: 98
2 targets, 38 guards, 58 innocent people

Intel? More partial spoilers!

Make your way from the yacht and head towards the elevator at the end of the pier (to the left). I guess you should hop in (not literally, that'd be stupid) and ride it to its destination. At the top, take a sharp left and enter the building through the set of glass doors. Immediately take another left and keep on walking until you see the door with the 'STAFF ONLY' sign next to it.

Entertain yourselves in a polite manner until a Bodyguard comes out - when he's gone, feel free to sneak on inside. Run through the staff area and into the kitchen (left) and waylay Santa when he staggers in. Frankly, being drunk in charge of a Santa costume should be a crime, so relieve the bodyguard of his costume and shove him inside the chest freezer (that'll sober him up). Before exiting this area the same way you came in, grab a Sausage from the counter (yes, a Sausage).

Get out of the kitchen where you came in and get up the stairs at the STAFF ONLY sign. Inside and through the doors to the right and then through the following door is the security room. Go get em' tiger - while I wait here.

Inside of the security room is a very perceptive Bodyguard, and he makes it a little awkward to pick that lock over there. The real problem is that mister perceptive has a friend that keeps coming and going. The simple answer is to incapacitate the guy who keeps walking backwards and forwards when he's in the room in-between the security room and the balcony and take his suit (flicking the light switch makes for a great distraction).

Now wander into the security room and render the second Bodyguard unconscious before taking the Videotape from the machine and dragging the other guy inside to keep him company. Pick the lock on the door and enter the stairwell. Sprint up the stairs until you reach the studio, then cut a left and into the editing room. In the machine on the table is another Videotape, but this is the one that our client wants us to retrieve.

The Bodyguards in this room have Spider Senses, so be very careful when removing the Videotape (there is a point when one leaves for a few seconds and the other turns his back).
Take the only other exit from the cutting room and cut through the bedroom and out onto the balcony. The old man Lorne De Havilland and his dog come out here quite often, so check your map, and when you see him coming, throw down the Sausage. The Sausage will distract the dog long enough for you to push his owner over the balcony rail.

Now get back to the party, go to the elevator you came up with, walk around the balcony until you reach the grotto pool. Enter the house through the door on the left there, then go right twice and you are in the ugly pink hallway.


One of the rooms in the disgusting pink hallway contains an optional target. Enter the room that's she's in and you'll see a brief cut-scene. Once she's finished talking, she'll draw a gun and try to aerate the back of your head (if you move, failure to do so involves another, slightly more fatal cut- scene). Knock her down and finish her off.

She will only be classed as a target after the first cut-scene plays (before that, she'll appear as a Civilian). Also, it might be worth pointing out that she doesn't actually have a price on her head, so you won't get paid for killing her.

Return to the pink hallway from before and follow it all the way around until you find the stairs that lead to the basement. Waiting for you at the bottom is an unrivalled view of the underside of the glass Jacuzzi where Chad Bingham Jr. just so happens to be sitting. To wrap things up, draw your Silverballer and shoot out the glass. We're done here, so head back to the kitchen and retrieve your suit before returning to the pier and exiting via the yacht.


  1. Don't expect any presents this year - Santa drinks too much.
  2. The bartender knows how to help improve performance in the grottos!
  3. Waiters often shower in the staff changing room.
  4. Even small, annoying Dogs eat sausages.
  5. The glass-bottomed outdoor Jacuzzi looks down on the Pier 70 feet below.
  6. Among the high society, spiked drinks are all the rage.
  7. Heavy light rigs are installed in the Photo Studio.
  8. Lorne recently hired a former US Air Force helicopter pilot.

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