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There are 3 different kinds of controls in Metal Gear Solid 2. You navigate through menus to select destinct options, while you have different controls available in game while your Character is moving and when your character is standing pressed on a wall. And while you are looking over his shoulder in FPV you have even more options available.

Controls in the menus

D-PadMove Cursor


Ingame Controls

Metal Gear Solid 2 has quite some controls to it, but you can do a lot of cool things with the rather huge control scheme. Just get used to it by trying the different actions, most of the time the Colonel or Otacon calls in and explains what he wants you to do anyways, but then you have to do it already, so get used to it by practising.

This controls explanation is written for the PS2, of course it looks different on another console or system.

Left control stick or D-Pad
  • move Raiden

  • move against an obstacle:
    lean against the obstacle
  • while standing:
    kneel down, take cover
    • moving the left analog stick while kneeling:
      lay down and crawl.
      • pressing button while laying:
        stand up

  • while walking:
  • Punch

  • while leaning against a wall:
    knock on the wall, distract the enemy.
  • draw gun

    • release button quickly:
    • release button slowly:
      put away weapon

  • drag around unconscious guards/headlock guards.

    this only works when you don't have any weapon selected.

    when dragging around unconscious guards for long enough and shaking them, they eventually drop an item.

    When grabbing a guard you can use this person as a shield. The other guards seldomly shoot at the other guards.
    And you can shoot at the other guards past the head of the guard you have under control and use him as a shield. This is especially useful in front of the room with the hostages in the Shell 1 Core.
  • Actionbutton
    for example: open doors, open lockers, climb hiphigh obstacles, ...
  • keep pressed:
    select item with the left analog stick

  • tap it:
    switch to the last used item
    if your last used item was nothing then you switch to No Item.
    You can change this behaviour on a node. Chose from switch to no item and switch between items.
  • keep pressed:
    switch to the First Person View (FPV).
  • keep pressed:
    select weapon with the left analog stick

  • tap it:
    switch to the last used weapon
    if your last used weapon was nothing then you switch to No weapon.
    You can change this behaviour on a node. Chose from switch to no weapon and switch between weapon.


Controls in First Person View (FPV)

To switch to the FPV you have to press button while in the game and keep it pressed. And also keep it pressed while pressing the following other buttons. Just keep button pressed as long as you want to stay in FPV. All the time.

  • sit down
    As you can't move in FPV you also can't lie down or crawl. If you crawl under very low objects that are in your way the game automatically switches to the FPV.
  • lean to the left / right.
  • stand on your toes
  • (keep it pressed)
    Draw the gun
  • (slow release)
    Put the gun away
  • (quick release)
  • Punch


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