Metal Gear Solid 2

Dog Tags (Sons of Liberty)

You will find a list of all Dogtags in in Metal Gear Solid 2 - Sons of Liberty on this page. You can find all important and good to know things about the Dogtags besides the names and locations to find them in the Dogtag Basics.
The owners of the Dogtags in the Substance version are called differently but found in the same location ingame, that's why there is another list, you can find these under Dogtags - Metal Gear Solid 2 Substance. But now let's take a look at the Sons of Liberty Dogtags...


Dogtags - Tanker - Very Easy - Sons of Liberty

00Olga GurlukovichNavigationaldeck.wing0923A
01Ross E BowmanAft Deck0616B
02Abraham CarrilloAft Deck0704?
03Kaissar Ag AgnoucheAft Deck01200
04Arnaud DelaunayNavigationaldeck.wing04300
05Ryoji MakimuraDeck-A, Crew's Quaters1206B
06Kumi SatoDeck-B, Crew's Quaters0513B
07Kevin S PurvisDeck-A, Crew's lounge1114B
08Yasuhiro MiyamotoDeck-A, Crew's lounge0225AB
09Michael C AnthonyDeck-A, Crew's lounge03070
10Carlos Garci GarcieDeck-D, Crew's Quaters1230A
11Mineshi KimuraDeck-B, Crew's Quaters0618AB
12Jonathan HancockDeck-2, port0208AB
13Bryn T KershawDeck 2, port03040
14Michael HurkmansDeck 2, port1205B
15Ken OgasawaraEngine Room0630B
16Petro KyrylenkoEngine Room0218?
17Aaron F KopfEngine Room0624AB
18James P FitzgibbonsEngine Room0513?
19Alexander StrigiEngine Room0403A
20Dave CoxHold No. 108030
21Cory A NollHold No. 10406AB
22Andreas EbelerHold No. 30323AB
23Gary J DavidsonHold No. 307120


Dogtags - Tanker - Easy - Sons of Liberty

00Olga GurlukovichNavigationaldeck.wing0923A
01Nicholas M CaponeAft deck12170
02Donal L GillilandAft deck12280
03Joe T HoldrenAft deck0915AB
04Shaun P WilsonNavigational deck, wing05130
05Jeff K HuiDeck-A, Crew's Quarters1031B
06Nobuyoshi NishimuraDeck-B, Crew's Quarters0218A
07Tomomi KatoDeck-A, crew's lounge0101AB
08Anders E LeiroDeck-A, crew's lounge1122?
09Skraktus MercioDeck-A, crew's lounge02090
10Gavin S NashDeck-D, crew's Quarters1206B
11David S EastwickDeck-D, crew's Quarters1108A
12Kozaka Kh HenriDeck 2, port0502?
13GacktDeck 2, port0704A
14Thomas P DohmDeck 2, port0207AB
15Enrique CamachoEngine room05130
16Takashi OhariEngine room0512A
17Max C WoodEngine room0210?
18John W FlemmingEngine room1123AB
19Edward B ElstonEngine room0108B
20Christopher D DadahEngine room03030
21Rodrigo SpinettiHold No. 10918A
22Frank GtherHold No. 11109B
23James N JanovskyHold No. 305040
24Abigail G SanshezHold No. 310170
25Rafael EstaregueHold No. 31113B


Dogtags - Tanker - Normal - Sons of Liberty

00Olga GurlukovichNavigationaldeck.wing0923A
01Kazuya IkenoAft deck1025A
02Kim K ChristensenAft deck0928AB
03Larry D LionbergerAft deck1021?
04Chul KwonNavigational deck, wing0727A
05Hirosuke MoritomoDeck-C, Crew's quarters0829O
06Hoshiko KamataDeck-A, crew's quaters0423A
07Marco G BrunatoDeck-B, crew's quarters0330?
08Jesus Bibian JrDeck-B, crew's quarters0116?
09Jordi C AldeaDeck-A, crew's lounge0508?
10*Sadaaki KaneyoshiDeck-A, crew's lounge0517A
11Anthony D CallaghanDeck-A, crew's lounge0407?
12Craig M WeldonDeck-D, crew's quarters0426AB
13Daizo ShikamaDeck-D, crew's quarters1229B
14*Shinta NojiriDeck-D, crew's quarters0408A
15Jun TanakaDeck 2, port0812B
16Bernard A ReevesDeck 2, port1221O
17Evan M MartinDeck 2, port1120A
18Bruno A MontenegroEngine room1123B
19Almerindo LemkeEngine room0909A
20Satoshi HiranoEngine room0211A
21Jusin C CunleyEngine room0625O
22*Kristian LindinEngine room0930?
23Mike AbeEngine room0602A
24Tatsuya TakadaEngine room0731O
25Pawel MajewskiHold No. 10208O
26Mark W BruceHold No. 10806O
27Youssef Fassi-FihriHold No, 10817O
28Christian NordstrHold No. 20726B
29Hiro MiyajimaHold No. 20510AB
30Nathaniel LordHold No. 30604O
31Carlos KihoHold No. 31229O
32Tim U ChanHold No. 30619?


Dogtags - Tanker - Hard - Sons of Liberty

00Olga GurlukovichNavigationaldeck.wing0923A
01Markus A LindquistAft deck0209?
02Kenichi TakashimaAft deck0103O
03Thiago S ParraAft deck0801?
04Chris J MatzdorfNavigational deck, wing0819?
05Adriaan B ScholvinckDeck-C, Crew's quarters0102A
06Julius JunDeck-A, Crew's quarters0228B
07Kazuki NisimuraDeck-B, crew's quarters0302A
08Zhang ChaoDeck-B, crew's quarters1030?
09Vishal KapurDeck-A, crew's lounge1007O
10Victor A CruzDeck-A, crew's lounge0107B
11Toshio NoguchiDeck-A, crew's lounge0301O
12Celeste D SaulsDeck-D, crew's quarters0602O
13Danieele E FordDeck-D, crew's quarters0714O
14Jennifer A MauckDeck-D, crew's quarters0925O
15Daniel A OlssonDeck-D, crew's quarters0624O
16Achim AmannDeck 2, port0821A
17Sean P CullenDeck 2, port0315?
18Tommy BluntDeck 2, port0101O
19David ChauEngine room1230B
20Philippe Ah MouritzenEngine room0102A
21Yoko NilyamaEngine room0315B
22John V TevesEngine room0128B
23Shintaro NakaEngine room0330O
24Natsuyo TanakaEngine room0814A
25*Yuji KorekadoEngine room1222A
26Bryan D ScheobeHold No. 10331?
27Yukho WongHold No. 10123B
28Lars CramaHold No. 12505AB
29Jonathan MurphyHold No. 21230AB
30Gary K YongHold No. 20309?
31Yuki MiyataHold No. 31011O
32Evan A BallHold No. 30213B
33Jason B WrayHold No. 30530A
34Andrew J BakerHold No. 30316?


Dogtags - Tanker - Extreme - Sons of Liberty

00Olga GurlukovichNavigationaldeck.wing0923A
01Sanae ShintaniAft deck2112A
02Aki HitachiAft deck2410O
03Mathieu TrepainerAft deck0906B
04Yoshinori OnoderaNavigational deck, wing0909A
05Joshua D CasochaDeck C, crew's quarters2904?
06Louis K StevensonDeck A, crew's quarters3110?
07Michael D RogersDeck B, crew's quarters1808O
08Gianluca PeruzzoDeck B, crew's quarters2111A
09Travis J LujanDeck A, crew's lounge3012A
10Brendan M RandallDeck A, crew's lounge1410B
11Chris D BerndDeck A, crew's lounge2910O
12Chantelle M BlairDeck D, crew's quarters2412B
13Eduard V FernandezDeck D, crew's quarters3110A
14*Yoji ShinkawaDeck D, crew's quarters2512AB
15Niko Ionixx HornDeck D, crew's quarters1502B
16Adnan HadzicDeck 2, port0304B
17Shu TajimaDeck 2, port2809O
18Stuart J BatchelarDeck 2, port0703?
19Masataka NishiyamaEngine Room0204O
20Michael M WongEngine Room0703?
21Manabu NakamuraEngine Room2703A
22Simon P SargentEngine Room0106A
23Yosuke KamezakiEngine Room2512O
24Clarke A BaldwiEngine Room3105O
25*Hideki SasakiEngine Room1611AB
26Ho Yeung TsangHold No.11502AB
27Ulf T LundhHold No.10308B
28Christopher J UzdanovichHold No.20809A
29Alex C WilsonHold No.21008?
30Michael A HareHold No.32212O
31Andrew N BartlettHold No.30604AB
32Iiro KarvinenHold No.31307A
33Marcin A CieslinskiHold No.33006A


Big Shell


Dogtags - Big Shell - Very Easy - Sons of Liberty

00Iroqois PliskinArsenal Gear/Asc.Colon??
01Hiro TakadaStrut A Deep sea dock0414A
02Clinton J Heileman JrStrut A Deep sea dock03240
03Mike J NewmanStrut A roof1213B
04Rayyan A SaidStrut A Pump Room0417AB
05*Shigeo OkajimaStrut A Pump Room0130A
06Cord B SmithAB Connecting Bridge09180
07Mario C LopezAB Connecting Bridge0816?
08*Shuhei TanakaStrut B Transformer Room04250
09Momoko KawaiStrut B Transformer Room0327?
10Kengo IwataBC Connecting Bridge1129AB
11Daniel ModolStrut C Dining Hall0624?
12*Noriyuki KatsumuraStrut C Dining Hall01280
13Tetsuro SueyoshiCD Connecting Bridge01310
14Tony J YlarantaCD Connecting Bridge04200
15Paul R MartinStrut D Sediment Pool06110
16Leandro M CardosoStrut D Sediment Pool0314?
17Al J JosefDE Connecting Bridge0929A
18*Kyoko HariyamaDE Connecting Bridge1227A
19Barna K OlvediStrut E Parcel Room1109AB
20*Yuta KunibeStrut E Parcel Room1205A
21Daniel C BellStrut E Heliport0620?
22Takahiro OmoriStrut E Heliport04190
23Nadim DabanStrut F Warehouse0829AB
24Timothy J KaneStrut F Warehouse0809AB
25Allen J ChangFA Connecting Bridge0609B
26Jean Luc CougarShell 1 Core 1F0720A
27Luis A FernandesShell 1 Core 1F0721AB
28Yuta KiguchiShell 1 Core 1F0813A
29*Masafumi OkutaShell 1 Core B10707B
30Matthew R BartzShell 1 Core B109250
31*Kunio TakabeShell 1 Core B10718A
32Joey SimkinsShell 1 Core B20409AB
33Sve G WestliShell 1 Core B20627A
34Sam M ShrimptonShell 1 Core B201310
35*Norihiko HibinoShell 1 Core B209030
36Reik R ChristyKL Connecting Bridge0308?
37Jason C PatinoStrut L Sewage Treatment09200
38Maaten Van Dar ZwanStrut L Sewage Treatment0107A
39*Motoyuki YoshiokaShell 2 Core 1F0708B
40Adrian ThienShell 2 Core 1F0524A
41Yuki HiguchiShell 2 Core 1F0416A
42Peter StillmanStrut E Heliport1116A


Dogtags - Big Shell - Easy - Sons of Liberty

00Meryl SilverburghArsenal Gear-Ascending Colon??? A
01Thomas G CardnerStrut A Deep Sea Dock0806A
02Matthew R VogelStrut A Deep Sea Dock0714AB
03Megumi NakaniiharaStrut A roof0716A
04Matthew A BullockStrut A Pump Room0326O
05Addam J DrewStrut A Pump Room0902B
06Yusuke TakadaAB connecting bridge0403?
07Miles D AshleyAB connecting bridge0505?
08Mark E FrancisStrut B Transforming Room0326O
09*Kazuki MuraokaStrut B Transforming Room0309O
10Tom A HutchinsonBC connecting bridge0828?
11Corey E LoudenStrut C Dining Hall0211A
12Ian J AndrewsStrut C Dining Hall0605O
13Tim J VeldboomCD connecting bridge1109?
14David C RatanaseangsuangCD connecting bridge0202B
15Shiro MukaideStrut D Sediment Pool0813O
16Rie NishikiStrut D Sediment Pool0923AB
17Mariko NakamuraDE connecting bridge0109A
18Emily BrittDE connecting bridge0819O
19Daniel A LongworthStrut E Parcel Room0613A
20Caroline ML GibsonStrut E Parcel Room0605?
21Yuki SawadaStrut E heliport0324B
22Daijiro TakeshimaStrut E heliport0206A
23Masatoshi VeharaStrut F warehouse0611O
24Ikki SakakibaraStrut F warehouse0813A
25Juergen Jur GoessnitzerStrut F warehouse0320A
26Yuko YanoFA connecting bridge0106B
27*Rich NaylorShell 1 Core, 1F0812O
28Jeremy A DavisShell 1 Core, 1F0826?
29Zephan G KirkpatrickShell 1 Core, 1F1025?
30Kenneth WongShell 1 Core, B11220O
31Micheal D CroftShell 1 Core, B10327A
32Stephen D HaynesShell 1 Core, B10502A
33Joshua A CrandallShell 1 Core, B20711AB
34Hiroyuki InoveShell 1 Core, B21201AB
35Andrew J WalkerShell 1 Core, B21012?
36Kazunobu VaharaShell 1 Core, B20721B
37*Thomas SzediakKL connecting bridge0522A
38Shuichi HataStrut L Sewage Treatment2706A
39Frank A MoralesStrut L Sewage Treatment17110
40Lee P FrenchShell 2 Core, 1F1025AB
41Marcos A GomrzShell 2 Core, 1F1103?
42Scott K ClearyShell 2 Core, 1F0402A
43Peter StillmanStrut E Heliport1116A


Dogtags - Big Shell - Normal - Sons of Liberty

00Solid SnakeArsenal Gear/Asc.Colo??
01Sotaro TojimaStrut A Roof0807A
02Chrisophe F LallemandStrut A Pump Room2004O
03Hurell F LyonsStrut A Pump Room0509O
04*Juntaro SaitoAB Connecting Bridge1804O
05*So ToyotaAB Connecting Bridge0707A
06Robert J BrykStrut B Transformer Room1123?
07Scott A MorganStrut B Transformer Room0210O
08George T JosephBC Connecting Bridge1707O
09Vahe V VarujanStrut C Dining Hall1106A
10Mark MugendiStrut C Dining Hall1308A
11Irene C CarvalhoCD connecting bridge120405O
13Adam J SchickStrut D Sediment Pool0822?
14Takayoshi OgawaStrut D Sediment Pool1130O
15Jamie A TrumperStrut D Sediment Pool1119?
16Sergio CarranzaDE connecting bridge0205?
17Michiko AraiDE connecting bridge0930O
18*Takashi MizutaniStrut E Parcel Room0704B
19Christian Cr RennerStrut E Parcel Room1221O
20Andy B GliderStrut E Parcel Room0617?
21Takashi HorikawaStrut E heliport1212A
22Kevin T PettyStrut E heliport0504A
23Guiherme K SaranStrut E heliport0218?
24Chen Yen WenStrut F warehouse0916A
25Caroline FrechetteStrut F warehouse0115A
26Daisuke MogiStrut F warehouse0319A
27*Tomokazu FukushimaFA connecting bridge1228A
28Monte S TateShell 1 Core, 1F0915?
29Stephanie HattenbergerShell 1 Core, 1F0617A
30Koichi NakanoShell 1 Core, 1F0225O
31Matt T FederspielShell 1 Core, 1F0112?
31Sachiko HaraShell 1 Core, 1F0423A
32Ray A HodrenShell 1 Core, B10922B
33Carlos I SiuShell 1 Core, B10325O
34Eric G MacwayShell 1 Core, B10618O
35Ian J RobertsShell 1 Core, B21020O
36Alexandre BertrendShell 1 Core, B20707A
37Peter D McCarthyShell 1 Core, B20630?
38Ichiro KutomeShell 1 Core, B20908O
39*Yutaka NegishiKL connecting bridge0523B
40*Renata N CsioStrut L Sewage Treatment0831?
41Tony J CaseStrut L Sewage Treatment0701O
42Paul M BlacketerShell 2 Core, 1F0318O
43Dennis J KrimpelbeinShell 2 Core, 1F0128?
44Stanley A GarciaShell 2 Core, 1F0612O
45Charles P QuiversShell 2 Core, 1F0928B
46Sevak N FairShell 2 Core, 1F0323?
47Peter StillmanStrut E Heliport1116A


Dogtags - Big Shell - Hard - Sons of Liberty

00Liquid SnakeArsenal Gear-Ascending Colon??? ?
01Yamato HagiwaraStrut A roof0406O
02Chris WalkerStrut A Pump Room0909?
03Brian D HagarmannStrut A Pump Room0704O
04*Makoto SonoyamaAB connecting bridge0827B
05Christoph C ReinickleAB connecting bridge0906AB
06Justin D EbersoleStrut B Transformer Room0820?
07William A CatacutanStrut B Transformer Room0120?
08Natalie YipBC Connecting Bridge1610O
09Kelsy L ClarkStrut C Dining Room0506?
10Bjoern HeideStrut C Dining Room0412AB
11Danial Y KatoCD connecting bridge0705A
12Alexandre Reis Cunha DantasCD Connecting Bridge0601O
13Jason EnosStrut D Sediment Pool0730?
14Josiah F ThorneStrut D Sediment Pool0715O
15*Yoshikazu MatsuhanaStrut D Sediment Pool0803O
16Claudia CD DiessnorStrut D Sediment Pool0408A
17Hiroyuki TschidaDE connecting bridge0830O
18Devan V TailorDE Connecting Bridge0408A
19Chris KramerStrut E Parcel Room1018A
20*Ikuya NakamuraStrut E Parcel Room0205B
21Takaaki KitamuraStrut E Parcel Room1008A
22Ryoko YoshimuraStrut E Parcel Room0902A
23Yoshiteru KobayashiStrut E heliport0617O
24Chris M FlohrStrut E heliport1007A
25Nicholas J SchreiberStrut E heliport0608O
26Kenichiro KanoStrut F warehouse0117O
27Hiroki SatoyoshiStrut F warehouse0509O
28Shuyo MurataStrut F warehouse1230B
29Futoshi SatouStrut F warehouse0721A
30*Shinpei MurskamiFA connecting bridge1207A
31David A LesslieShell 1 Core, 1F0307O
32Brian R StrackShell 1 Core, 1F0813B
33Skip M MurrayShell 1 Core, 1F2011A
34Axel R ZijderveldShell 1 Core, 1F1120A
35Kamran KeenanShell 1 Core, 1F0212?
36Tomonori MoritaShell 1 Core, B10210A
37*Julien Jd DortShell 1 Core, B11120A
38Steven SchmittShell 1 Core, B10918AB
39Micheal O KressShell 1 Core, B20703AB
40Stephane TudelaShell 1 Core, B20408B
41*Yoriko ShimizuShell 1 Core, B22303O
42Yun-Ho KimKL connecting bridge0323O
43Jun SukegawaStrut L Sewage Treatment1010A
44Joey P GonzalesStrut L Sewage Treatment0105A
45Christopher HeckShell 2 Core, 1F1117?
46Martin KukowakaShell 2 Core, 1F1211?
47Alex N MartinezShell 2 Core, 1F1223A
48Satoru KobayashiShell 2 Core, 1F0316A
49Giovanni CavalliereShell 2 Core, 1F0913O
50Gabriel Freitas PeresShell 2 Core, 1F1125O
51Peter StillmanStrut E Heliport1116A


Dogtags - Big Shell - Extreme - Sons of Liberty

00Hideo KojimaArsenal Gear/Asc.Colon2408A
02*Takeshi SatoStrut A roof3107O
03Shinji YamahitaStrut A Pump Room0708B
04Ryan T CronkrightStrut A Pump Room1911AB
05Josef KarschAB Connecting Bridge1308A
06Emmanuel Y L PassianAB Connecting Bridge3011O
07Lee M MccowenStrut B Transformer Room2710O
08Hironobu MatsuiStrut B Transformer Room1401O
09*Drew J ElmerBC Connecting Bridge0101?
10Toru KawakamiStrut C Dining Hall3003A
11Adam J SarpolisStrut C Dining Hall0502AB
12Jyunpei HiranoCD Connecting Bridge0712A
13Kyle S CarriganCD Connecting Bridge2611A
14Matt J Van LeevwenStrut D Sediment Pool2109AB
15Matthew B BoyettStrut D Sediment Pool0411O
16*Collis R WilliamsStrut D Sediment Pool1009?
17Nobumitsu TanakaStrut D Sediment Pool0901B
18Matthew C MillerDE Connecting Bridge1207B
19*Masashi WatanabeDE Connecting Bridge1008?
20*Yoshiyski KoidoStrut E Parcel Room1912A
21Tsunehiko ShibataStrut E Parcel Room0606B
22Ryan C ShefferStrut E Parcel Room1303O
23Carbs X LuiaStrut E Parcel Room0512A
24David A GinepriStrut E Parcel Room1707?
25Emmanuel PhungStrut E Heliport1408O
26Ryosaku VenoStrut E Heliport2904AB
27Alan J HarriesStrut E Heliport1506O
28Marco O ScherrerStrut F Warehouse2807AB
29Edmond V ToStrut F Warehouse2107O
30Chevrinais ThomasStrut F Warehouse2104O
31Hiroshi YokoteStrut F Warehouse0307A
32*Berl B PottstamStrut F Warehouse0301?
33Kenichiro ShigenoFA Connecting Bridge1001B
34Kaori YamadaShell 1 Core, 1F0808O
35Ryan J CraneShell 1 Core, 1F0308O
36Gareth J LewisShell 1 Core, 1F2601O
37Andreas R RamsauerShell 1 Core, 1F2812O
38Justin A CagleShell 1 Core, B11406B
39*Christopher S KorteShell 1 Core, B10206B
40Masahiro YoshinagaShell 1 Core, B11004B
41Daisuke NishimuraShell 1 Core, B21608A
42Viana Siles MauricetteShell 1 Core, B22801O
43Chen Yung KokShell 1 Core, B22904AB
44Anthony J BarrittShell 1 Core, B22405AB
45Kaori YaeKL Connecting Bridge2005A
46Isao A SatoStrut L Sewage Treatment0501B
47Ryan J SchettleStrut L Sewage Treatment0104A
48*Andy LamShell 2 Core, 1F1610?
49Hiroaki YoshiikeShell 2 Core, 1F1310O
50Cedric KrolikowskiShell 2 Core, 1F1403A
51Sebastian J PitmanShell 2 Core, 1F1002?
52Mark A MatuszewskiShell 2 Core, 1F3108AB
53Xavier R GarciaShell 2 Core, 1F0603A
54Peter StillmanStrut E Heliport1116A

Dog Tags Basics Dog Tags (Substance)

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