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To know who has which frequency is of no great use to you as all the frequencies are listed in your Codec anyways, but maybe you are here just to look up who has which number without having to play to the according chapter, or I just want to have everything in this FAQ and thus add the frequencies on top of all the other stuff so that you can find everything about Metal Gear Solid 2 here.
Please keep in mind that *SPOILER* Snake/Pliskin are the same person.

Well, Ladys & Gentlemen, here you can find all the radio frequencies in Metal Gear Solid 2 sorted numerically by gamepart.

  • 140.96 Otacon (save)
  • 141.12 Otacon
  • 140.85 Colonel
  • 140.96 Rose (save)
  • 140.25 Stillman
  • 140.48 Mr. X (Deepthroat/Ninja/Olga)
  • 141.12 Otacon (in Arsenal Gear)
  • 141.32 President Johnson
  • 141.52 E.E.
  • 141.72 Ames
  • 141.80 Pliskin/Snake
So you might notice that the save frequency is the same in both parts, and also Otacon keeps his normal frequency, well, get used to it...

And please note that you cannot contact Ames or President Johnson per Codec. They only talk to you in Cutscenes and their frequencies are only listed for completion. Don't call us, we'll call you!

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