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There is a lot to discover in Metal Gear Solid 2, I will list some of the most interesting things here, if you know something that is not listed here feel free to leave a comment.

It is funnier when unsorted...

So, in no particular order, the funny and interesting stuff from Metal Gear Solid 2:


The people that were on the Tanker and the Big Shell before they were infiltrated put up some posters of beautiful girls on the walls and in their lockers.
You can tap against such a poster, just like you would tap a wall. If you tap the upper part of the bikini you can hear a nice bounce sound effect. If you grab, uhm, tap against the lower part of the bikini zone the ! appears above Snake's head, and in case a guard sees you doing this you enter Alertmode.
I tried to find them all, no idea if this list is complete. Try to find all the posters when playing Metal Gear Solid 2 again.

Locations of the posters (some Poster...):

Deck-A, Crew's Quarters: Locker
Deck-A, Crew's Quarters: Locker
Deck-A, Crew's Lounge: on the wall at the bar
Engine Room, Port: On the locker and inside.
Engine Room, Starboard: a bit hidden on the wall (lower northeast.)
Engine Room: In the south, high up on the wall

Big Shell
Strut A, Pump Room: Locker in the east
Strut B, Transformer Room: Locker at the northern end
Strut C, Dining Hall: Men's toilet, (1st from the right)
Strut C, Dining Hall: Cafeteriawall
Strut C, Dining Hall: Cafeteriawall again
Shell 1 Core, 1F: Locker (2nd from the right)
Shell 1 Core, B1: Locker (1st from the right)
Shell 1 Core, B1: On the wall in the break room

A special mention here is for the poster in the locker on Deck A. When you are standing in front of it and watch it in FPV and then call Otacon, Snake will do some naughty things.

Stinky Soldier

In the Crew's Lounge (Deck A - Tanker Level) there is a soldier at the bottom of the stairs at the west end that always sleeps and is surrounded by flies because he stinks that much. When you stay around him for too long the flies start to be attracted by you too and fly around Snake. This can be very attentiongrabbing and alert all kind of guards. So don't steal stinky's only friends!

Animated Stuff

Almost everything in Metal Gear Solid 2 is animated somehow. It's impossible to list everything here, but I'll do my best to give you a good sightseeing tour through the game...

As always the list is seperated by chapters, namely Tanker and Big Shell level.
And we start with the

Tanker Level

The Rain
The first thing to notice in game is the rain. Well the raindrops falling down are animated, nothing new here.
But the fine thing is that the raindrops running over your screen are also animated, especially when watching things in FPV. And when the blood is spilling you can get some blood on your screen and see it running down. Well, nowadays this is pretty much normal, but this was not seen before MGS2. And since then everybody does it....

The glasspane
The glasspane in the Crew's Lounge (on Deck A) gets cracks when you shoot it. Try shooting the same place more than once or different places on it...

the Bar
Really close to the shootable glasspane you can find the bar. You can destroy every bottle on its own, this is pretty fantastic for 2001. But not so much nowadays, but watch this:
The champagne bucket can be shot, and while it is dancing around some icecubes fall out. And you can watch these icecubes melt!

the Alert
The alertbells give a ping sound when shot. These are the red and blue round objects you can find high up in these levels.

The pots
Every pot in the kitches on Deck D has a different sound. They swing along when shot or kicked and push each other out of the way.
I tried playing a melody with the pots but Snake is too slow for that...

the Raven Figurine
Before entering the Engine Room you can find the Raven Figurine. This is a joke, related to the first Metal Gear Solid game and when you shoot this figurine it start giggeling very evilish and shoots an endless amount of small balls for an endless time.

The lightbulbs
Some lightbulb can also be shot and with the according sound the glass drops to the ground and it gets dark.

Big Shell Level

Seagull drit
Seagulls also have their needs to get rid of the fish they ate. And as they seem very lazy they drop this whereever they are, so the roof of the Stut A has a lot of the remains of what once was probably fish. And there is so much dirt that Raven can even slip on it when running over it too fast. Yay, I avoided writing poop or shit for the whole paragraph!

Otacon and the Photographs

At the end of the Tanker level Snake contacts Otacon and uploads his pictures. Snake is supposed to send pictures of Metal Gear, but when Snake uploads pictures of one of the bikini girls Otacon is having fun and also making an instant backup of it.

Snake hides away

After Stillman told you all there is to the Coolantspray and the bombs, run to the CD Connecting Bridge really fast. There you can see how a professional sneaker does his job. Snake already knocked out one of the guards and sneaks over the bride hidden under a cardboardbox *g*

Snake's funny Comments

Call Snake while you have a book equipped. He gives you some helpful advice then. And then try the same while you are in the men's restroom on Strut B. Also call the Colonel >_>
Or drop a book in front of Snake while you are with him in the Ascending Colon and wait for his comment.

Seagull Killer

When you have the oppurtunity and the SOCOM you can shoot the seagulls in the Big Shell Level. This works pretty good in front of the Shell 2 Core on the bridge. After some time has passed and lots of seagulls have died Rose and the Colonel phone in and curse at you. How dare you kill these poor virtual seagulls >_>

Scrambled Eggs

When you are stopping a soldier to steal his dogtag or other stuff you can sneak around him and aim for his crotch. You probably know that already. When you have no gun equipped now und hit the fire button you can totally punch his nuts and he will fall to the ground and will be very much in pain. lol.
This works best in Stealth Mode (see Dogtags and what you get for collecting some) as the guards otherwise see that you have no weapon equipped and try to fight back then.


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