Metal Gear Solid 2

Arsenal Gear

....And the scenery changes...

Arsenal Gear - Stomach

But that's not enough, it's getting even better (and more confusing).
Solidus Snake introduces himself as some old familiar fellow and some kind of foster father of Raiden.
And even Olga introduces some more confusion into the understanding and suggest Raiden meets with Snake to stop Arsenal Gear.
After Raiden and Rose both disburdened their hearts, family planning is a topic and then you can finally continue.

Arsenal Gear - Stomach

Seems like Arsenal Gear is still active, so we better stop this. And the problem is clear, Raiden has no clothes and it's very cold in Arsenal Gear, so watch out that he doesn't catch a flu. And this isn't even a joke, Raiden can indeed get a cold and sneezes then and attracts the attention of guards around this way, so you better pick up that medicine in the locker in the northeast of the stomach and use it when needed.
Below the computer table next to the metal contraption to which you were tied seconds ago hides a very useful RATION. Then you can get to the door in the northeast and get the map of Arsenal from the Node.
As there is nothing left to grab in here you can leave the Arsenal stomach and enter the hangar with the strange unspeakable japanese name.

Position yourself onto the metal contraption to which you just were tied again. This can of soda is placed very well, isn't it?
But all curious visitors of my page (on the internet.... about a japanese game...) surely want to know more... well, click the link to find out how Raiden looks nude down there :). Yes, I'm talking about Raiden's penis!!!

Arsenal Gear - Jejunum

So, so you notice anything? After Emma uploaded the virus into Arsenal Gear the Colonel acts really really strange...

The easiest way to get through here is to stay on the lower level, but I want to note here, that there is a box in the southwestern corner of the upper level. You can use this box to hide yourself and I also want to note that it is a good idea to take this box with you. If you decide to pick this box up (which is a good idea) I want to advice you to get down to the lower level after that as there are too many security cameras on the upper level.
You can proceed very good on the lower level by staying hidden behind the crates and keeping close to the wall on the right. Watch the guards with patience and once they walk to the left (and not only look to the left for a short time) you can get past them really easy.
There is another medicine pick up close to the last guard, but if you didn't use the first one yet you won't be needing this one either. If you want to pick up this medicine this only raises the chances of you getting spotted and once this happens it's almost a 100% sure Game Over for you. So just let the medicine be medicine and don't pick it up, walk past the crate on the right and get up the stairs behind the soldier.

Now it's getting interesting, on the opposite side of the stairs is the exit you want to reach, but there is a guard and a security camera watching everything happening there. So equip the Box and make sure the guard is walking away from you and the security camera is not looking. Then you move yourself just below the camera, wait for the cam to look south and for the guard to show you his back, then you beat up the guard from behind and run along the hallway as fast as you can into the next area.

You don't have to pick up every Call the Colonel makes, he tells some weird stories. But this can also be fun and interesting, but also very confusing at times.

Change back and forth between the Stomach and the Jejunum. Because of the Virus the game makes up all kind of crazy names for these rooms.

Arsenal Gear - Ascending Colon

Here is nothing more than the RATION in the south. Now the Colonel annoys you to death with his useless talks, pick up the call and take it like a man! After some time (when you are close to throwing your controller against the screen) Rose calls you and explains a lot about her and your relationship and that she is pregnant.
Luckily Snake appears now and gives you back your gear. And on top of that he has a surprise for you. He hands you Olga's sword. He explains how the HF Blade works and you have some time to get used to it. But don't hurt Snake with your blade, or his reaction might be hurting you too. Rather knock him out and steal his Dogtag by shaking him!

As soon as you walk to the north you can continue. Otacon also calls in via Codec and then the 2 are spotted by a Cypher already and shit hits the fan.

Arsenal Gear - Ileum

Shit really hits the fan, so get ready for some hard fighting. Now it depends on you if you want to shoot a lot, in this case you better use a machinegun like the AKS or the M4 in here. These can even break through the defense of the swords of the Tengu-Soldiers and kill these. If you want to fight with style you should use the High Frequency Blade. You can dodge bullets with it (button) and also get through the defensive sword waving of the Tengu-Soldiers. If you are trying to play a NO-KILL Game, watch out to not kill any of the Tengu-Soldiers as it indeed is a kill when you shoot someone or kill someone with the HF Blade.

After you killed the last one of the Tengus continue to the north and receive an important message from Otacon.

Otacon found the source of the Colonels's radio signal and it is right in Arsenal Gear. The Colonel is just a product of Raidens imagination and from the Patriots.

Big Shell: Virus Upload Arsenal Gear: Tengu Ambush

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