Metal Gear Solid 2

Arsenal Gear: Tengu Ambush

Arsenal Gear - Sigmoid Colon

The irrational Colonel shows up once again and tries to trap you or demotivate you. He claims the Patriots have Rose, but Snake motivates you again.

Now Snake and Raiden get trapped in an ambush and get attacked by 3-4 Tengu-Soldiers at the same time all the time without a break.

The easiest way to survive here is to use the High Frequency Blade, block a lot with button, run towards the Tengu-Soldiers while still blocking, then slash them up.

Make sure you stay out of Snake's line of fire, he keeps on shooting, even when you are in the way. So dodge his shots or block these and find your own place where you can stand and fight your own enemies.

It can and will happen that you see a Fission Mailed Screen, don't get confused by this, this is the virus or maybe the Colonel or maybe Arsenal Gear or even Hideo Kojima, no matter what, the action continues in the small screen in the upper left. So keep an eye on your healthbar, it's easy to miss this in the small window. Heal yourself if needed and after some time you get back to the normal screen and after some more time you finally finished off all the Tengu-Soldiers in this ambush.

And if you are trying to play a NO KILL game here you also have to make sure to not shoot a single Tengu-Soldier and also not slash him with you HF Blade. Just let Snake do all the work (only half the fun, but at least you don't ruin your NO KILL game) and watch him do this or just stun the Tengus.

Fortune also appears now, but Snake takes care of her and sends off Raiden. And he is also very busy now.
Solidus Snake steps on the scene and talks his usual bullshit and sends at least 3 Metal Gear Rays on you. Have fun with that, see you on the next page, if you dare!!!

 Arsenal Gear Arsenal Gear: Metal Gear Ray Bossfight

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