Metal Gear Solid 2

Big Shell: Escape with Emma

Shell 2 Core B1, Filtration Chamber No. 2

So this bloodsucking freak Vamp is done for now, and you can finally take care of Emma.
She is in the dressing room in the north, so walk through the door in the north, pick up a RATION and then go diving some more.

Swim around the corner and along the long hallway. The second to last corner to the left takes you to Emma Emmerich. But for the sake of completeness I want to mention here, that there is a BODY ARMOR at the end of the hallway on the left, and some PSG-1T AMMUNITION on the right. In the first smaller room is some AKS 74u AMMUNITION.

After you left the water you can grab the map of the area from the Node. Then get the PENTAZEMIN. Open all the lockers and search for Emma. In the eastern locker are the THERMAL GOGGLES.
In case you are wondering, EE is in the locker in the north.

And now you are stuck with Emma Emmerich. After you convinced her to finally try swimming, you swim out of the confusing hallways in the same way you just came in. In case you lose Emma just step next to her and press button to take her hand again.
Please note that you also see Emma's lifebar now and you have to take care of her and make sure that she doesn't die. In case Emma is hurt, heal Emma by letting her rest for a while, let her go and wait while she sits down and recovers her health(bar). This is the way to heal Emma and recover her health. You can (unintentionally?) hit or shoot Emma, that takes away from her health of course. But once you knocked her out you can drag her past obstacles that she wouldn't have passed normally.

Listen to some sentimental talks, some arguments and the usual cool Snake talk and then bring Emma all the way back to the flooded Filtration Chamber No. 1 the same way you just came in.

Shell 2 Core B1, Filtration Chamber No. 1

And this is where it gets interesting. With EE at your hand you have to find a way through this wrecked underwater world. And it is hard on your own already. But after defeating Vamp this is rather easy to do, believe in yourself! Swim back where you came from as fast as you can.
Sadly Emma can't hold her breath as long as Raiden can, so you rather stop at a lot of the airbubbles in the huge chamber with all the junk in it.

Then you reach an elevator covered in bugs and Emma refuses to get into the elevator past all the ugly bugs. So clean the elevator now. Use the Coolant Spray to get rid of all the bugs on the elevator and then take this elevator up. And don't forget to take Emma with you.

Shell 2 Core 1F, Air Purification Room

And now 5 more soldiers found their way in here. Knock out the first one at the Node, then the second one. Then take Emma with you and park her in the small chamber from where you fired the Nikita rockets or behind the crates outside of this small room.
As soon as you approach the southern hallway another soldier comes along with the elevator (I have no idea where he is supposed to come from as you just cleared the level where the elevator comes from), but make sure you shoot him before he can find Emma in the small room.
Then take good care of the two soldiers in the southern hallway. Make sure the one soldier doesn't see how the other soldier falls over and you are fine. And finally only the guard at the door to the outside world is left. He should be no problem either, then grab Emma and bring her to the exit.

Please note that you can only guide Emma when you have no weapon equipped at all.

KL Connecting Bridge

Let Emma go and pick up the RATION here. Then shoot the 2 Cyphers here, then collect the PSG1 AMMUNITION and the CHAFF GRENADE. And finally get back to Emma and guide her over the mysteriously repaired bridge to the KL Connecting Bridge. Watch out, from the background another guard appears. Take him out and be happy that there are even more items at both ends of the KL Bridge, these are: SOCOM AMMUNITION and M4 AMMUNITION.

Now put out the fire with the Coolant Spray, grab Emma again and finally we can enter the Strut L. The LVL5 door opens up now because we have Emma's LVL 5 keycard. Thanks for this Emma.

Strut L Sewage Treatment Facility

There are two sentinels in here, but you can easily take them out, you should be able to handle this without too much problems. When you take them out one after the other they won't even call for backup units. Sadly the game camera is a bit wonky in here, so it might be possible that you get spotted because you can't see what is going on, in case you get spotted just shoot around like crazy with one of your machineguns and the guards won't be fast enough to call for help.

And once they are out of your way get Emma by your hand and both of you escape through the hatch behind the door.

Big Shell: Vamp Bossfight Big Shell: Oilfence Sniping

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