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The fight against the clock

And again the clock ticks down without any signs of mercy, but the 400 seconds you have to reach Fatman on the Heliport on Strut E is very generous.

Be careful, on the Strut A roof are now Claymore Mines planted, disarm and collect them by showing them with the mine detector and then crawling over them. The guard in the piperoom in Strut A now has a different path than before and there is a new soldier on the AF Connecting Bridge. Be prepared for this.

As soon as you leave the Strut F use your Scope to zoom in on the balcony on the roof of Strut E and watch what is happening up there. As soon as the guard is in a good position to be shot you better do this. Use the M9. If you did hit him you should see the ! above his head (if your screen has a high enough resolution to display it). Then you shoot on the exact same spot again and as soon as you hear him scream AAAARG! he is sleeping already. And now you can pass the EF Connecting Bridge without beeing spotted.
Attention! In case you didn't pick up all the Claymore mines the last time you crossed the EF Connecting Bridge they are still hiding in the ground here waiting for you to step onto them. So use the mine detector in this case.

Get up the stairs in Strut E and after another set of stairs you almost reached Fatman. You just have to freeze this one small bomb and Fatman appears.

The crazy Bomber

Isn't he stylish in his bulletproof rag suit with only one hole for the head? That tells us already that his only weakspot is his ugly head.

But sadly Fatman doesn't like it when you spit on his head and even less when you shoot him there. And so he keeps you busy with bombs all over the place, so disarm these first. Use the Sensor A and the Coolant Spray for this.

The first bombs are planted in the northeast on a small box and on the southside of the first box on the left of the path between the boxes. All other bombs are randomly placed by Fatman all over the place on the side, on top or under all these boxes and shelfs you can find here.

After or while you freeze the bombs Fatman comes along on his Inline skates and says hi. Greet him and punch him in the face. As soon as you hit him with 2-3 punches he falls to the ground. The very moment he gets up again exposes his head and you can place a good headshot on him.
When you shoot him with the SOCOM it drains his health from his upper bar, when you shoot him with the M9 it drain his ability to stay awake from the lower bar.
No matter which weapon you use, keep using this weapon or you have to keep doing this twice as long. I recommend the SOCOM as this is faster by a lot. So fast that Fatman could only plant 4 bombs on my fastest try.
If you are going for a no kill game then you should obviously use the M9!

Fatman is a relatively simple enemy, once you know what you have to do. And now that you did read all this you know what you have to do, it all ends up with what he already said, he plants a bomb, you disarm the bomb and then (he didn't say that) you shoot him in the head.

Use this tec and he will be gone soon.

Fatman is done and arms a last, ultimate bomb.

And now you drag Fatman aside without having a weapon equipped with the button button and freeze the final bomb that is found right below him. Now he is completely done and gone and look at that, a Ninja appears. Why not, there is already a Vamp on the Big Shell...

Big Shell: Fortune Bossfight Big Shell: Ninja Mr X

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