Metal Gear Solid 2

Big Shell: Fatmans Bombs

Fatman's Bombs

Fatman planted a bomb in each and every one of the 6 struts from A to F. And these bombs are just waiting to be cooled down and turned into an icecube by you.

This Walkthrough is written for the normal difficulty level. On a higher difficulty level you have to search for even more bombs, have fun!

Peter Stillman brought a lot of interesting tools with him, for one the Sensor A that you now find in your inventory.

This highly sensitive sniffing device can smell Fatman's aftershave and brings you close to the locations of the C4 bombs. But the molecules of the aftershave float around a lot, so the sensor only shows a larger area and you have to search the whole moleculefilled area yourself to finally find the bombs.

And he also brought something else with him, that is the

This spray was developed especially to disarm the C4 bombs by freezing the bomb, and that's the reason you use it now.
Once you spotted one of the bombs you select the Coolant Spray from your inventory. Now you automatically switch to the First Person View and can't move in any direction anymore without deselecting the coolant spray. Aim at the bomb in FPV and press button for as long and hard as it takes to completely freeze the bomb. The harder you press button the more coolant comes out of the can and the more is freezes the bomb... kind of.
But take care to not spray for too long or aim besides the bomb as the Coolant Spray can run out and then there is nothing you can do.

After some time you also find the Sensor B
You can find more information about the Sensor B by clicking the item name above here. You find the sensor in the Strut C once there is only one bomb left...

The Bombs in the Struts

The best way to handle all these bombs is to follow the order in which I list the bombs here as this is the best way possible to search and disarm the bombs. If you are searching for the location of a specific bomb on a specific strut please use the links below here, you can jump to the desired bomb on the correct strut this way.
Other than that it really is a good idea to work your way through the bombs on the struts in the order listed in this bomb guide, it could be possible that I was actually putting some thought into this and what is written below here might be the ideal way...


The Bomb on Strut C

Here you first go to the northwest of the strut and download the map of the Strut from the Node. And now you can better see where you are going and what is going on.

And now we want to find that bomb on Strut C!
Get into the lady's restroom (the right door) and position yourself in front of the mirror. When you equip the Coolant Spray you can look up and voila, a bit hidden but there is the first bomb Fatman planted here. Disarm or ice it up until the signal lamp on it turns from green to red and then turns off completely.
And please aim for the actual bomb, not the reflection of it.

And now we enter Strut D!

When you regain control over Raiden after the Cutscene with Stillman in the Strut C run to the CD Connecting Bridge at once and you can see Pliskin sneaking towards Shell 1-2 Connecting door camouflaged with a box.


The Bomb on Strut D

Now it is very helpful when you already have the M9, if you haven't got it already let me tell you it is a silent Tranquillizer Gun just like on the Tanker level, and silent weapons are alway good. You can find the M9 in the Strut F and you can pick it up right from the start, read it all beginning from the AF Connecting Bridge and in the following paragraphs behind the link. So from now on I assume you have the M9 at hand and know how to use it.

To enter the Strut D you first have to pass the CD Connecting Bridge, but this is rather easy, you just have to get rid of the one soldier and then sneak under the security camera above the door to the Strut D or you just shoot the cam with the SOCOM.

Strut D Sediment Pool

The Sediment Pool is arranged in a half circle with the CD Bridge on the western end, the DE bridge at the eastern end and in the middle there is the bridge to the Shell 2 on which Pliskin is at the moment to disarm more bombs over there. The halfcircle platforms around the Sediment Pool has 2 levels, you enter the Sediment Pool on the upper level.
On the upper level there are 3 additional bridges leading to the center of the halfcircle.

There are 3 guards in the Strut D, the best thing to do is knocking them all out. Start with the guard right in the middle of the halfcircle, in the middle of the room, there where all the bridges come together. Otherwise he might spot you when you are sneaking around the area.
Then you get rid of the other guards, sometimes you have to wait for a moment before the 3rd guard appears (on the lower level most of the time).

After you are free from the 3 sentinels you get down to the lower level, the Node with the map of the area is in the eastern part of the lower level, get your map and then get to the westen part of the lower level. Under the left stairs you can find M9 AMMUNITION and then continue past it to the western side.
Here are 2 black covers the Colonel already told you about via Codec. And under the last one of these black covers you will find Fatman's bomb in Strut D.

Now open the cover really fast, disarm the bomb really quick, someone might notice that the guards don't radio back to central and they send troops to investigate the area. If things go well they just wake up the unconscious guards, if the guards are dead though you might be in trouble. Now escape from the Sediment Pool to the east on the LOWER level to reach the DE Connecting Bridge towards Strut E.


The Bomb on Strut E

On the lower level of the DE Connecting Bridge you are quite safe, as there is a guard on Strut E watching all over the upper level of the bridge. But be careful, there is a guard comming down the stairs from the upper level on the bridge more sooner than later, so get rid of this sentinel more sooner than later.
In the eastern end of the bridge you can find a CHAFF GRENADE and SOCOM AMMUNITION. Once you got these get up the stairs, watch out for the guarding guard guarding the upper level of the bridge and then get inside the Strut E.

Strut E Parcel Room

At first do nothing inside here, otherwise the guard across the room and looking around will spot you. As soon as he moves away (most of the time to the left) you can run to the northeastern corner of the Strut E and get the mapdata of this Strut from the Node in the corner.

Armed like that you avoid or knock out both the soldiers in here.
On the machine in the north you can find the BOX 5, besides from that there is M4 AMMUNITION in the middle of the room that is of no use for you yet. But with the Box 5 (and the other boxes) you can use the Conveyor Belt in Strut E to move around the Big Shell. Read the linked chapter for more info and now continue disarming Fatman's bombs!

If you should get noticed by one of the guards you run to the westpart of the room, get down the stairs there and hide behind some crates down here. This spot is very safe to hide.
And you can find the MINEDETECTOR down here, you can make good use of that soon.

After this area is cleaned you step up the stairs in the east.

Olga Gurlukovich fools Raiden.

Strut E Heliport

And here we continue, watch out for the 2 guards up here, after they are sleeping away with your help you can get the BOX 3 here.

Run around and you will undoubtly run into the Harrier Jet up here. And Fatman's bomb is somewhere around it. The best way to reach the bomb is from in front of the left wing, from the southwest, kneel down, crawl in and then spray lots of Coolant Spray on it until the bomb is gone. The bomb is mounted to one of the yellow stoppers under the wheels of the Harrier.

Now walk down the stairs again and get to the other side here (opposite side of the door), there is another soldier and behind him is a CLAYMORE mine.

And now continue towards the Strut F.


The Bomb on Strut F

You get an anonymous call on the EF Connecting Bridge from someone called Deepthroat, he won't moan in your ears but he warns you of the Claymore mines ahead. As in the first Metal Gear Solid Deepthroat, called after the informer in the watergate scandal, gives you some really good hints.
So equip the Minedetector, you can now see the Claymores in yellow on your radar. You can disarm and pick up the Claymore mines by crawling over them.
But before you can collect them all, you have to get rid of the Sentinel on the roof of the Strut E. Shoot some tranquillizers on him until he collapses.
Now you have all the time in the world to crawl over the Claymore Mines and collect them all. After you did this you equip the Sensor A.

Strut F Warehouse

You enter through the northern door, at first walk down the stairs and get rid of the guard down here. Be careful, eventually there is another guard coming right after him.

Now walk to the south of the lower level of Strut F and get the CHAFF GRENADE between the door, afterwards you can enter the left door.

In here is the sought after Node, you can finally enter here as you have the LVL 1 card by now, so plug in and download the map of Strut F.
The cupboard on the right has some PENTAZEMIN, take it with you, then climb into the ventilation shaft and pick up the BOX 2 while doing so. At the end of the ventilation shaft you are in another room and hidden behind some crates. This seems like a good hiding spot in case things go wrong!!!

This room offers SOCOM AMMUNITION and finally a SOCOM SILENCER, chose the silencer in the button Menu while you select the SOCOM in the button weapons menu and Raiden will mount it onto the SOCOM.

Once the coast is clear you climb over the boxes to the door and fight your way to the upper level.
Here are 2 guards max, one of them always switches between upper and lower level, so just get rid of them.

You probably noticed the huge open hole in the middle of Strut F, you can get rid of the last soldier(s) through it, but you have to be fast for this. Move to the left railing on the westside of the hole and there, where the railing goes around a corner you swing over the railing and drop down onto the crates below. You should land on some crates that form a kind of small room behind them. Jump down into the small room and you are faced with Fatman's bomb on Strut F.
Get it iced all over and wait until the situation outside of the small room has cooled down, then continue to the AF Connecting Bridge.


The Bomb on Strut B

Strut B Transformer Room

Now just get past the bomb in Strut A, you will understand this later on. Just move on back to Strut B. This bomb here is hidden very mean, but no problem with this great guide.

There are 2 guards on Strut B, after you put both of them to sleep you enter the Transformator Room, the room where also the Node is. The bomb can be found at the opposite end of the room from the Node. You will notice this from the yellowgreen mist on your Sensor A radar in no time.
In the northwestern corner of the Transformator Room are 2 electrical switchboxes, one of them is open and one of them is closed. Just close the opened switchbox and voila, a bomb!

After freezing the second to last bomb Peter Stillman calls you again, realises what he really is and wants to get on Shell 2 now.


The Bomb on Strut A

Strut C Dining Hall

Don't be confused if you don't know what to do on Strut C now, when you should disarm the bomb on Strut A, just get here please! Take a look into the safe where Peter Stillman once was hiding. In here you can find the SENSOR B. Pick it up and finally get going to the Strut A.

Strut A Pump Room

Finally arrived in Strut A you move to the southern part of the strut and watch out for the one single Soldier. Once he is no danger anymore (because you killed him or knocked him out) you should also get rid of the camera in the northwest of the part of the strut. You can either avoid this camera or you shoot it, then you can also get the SOCOM AMMUNITION below it.
Just after the southeastern stairs you can crawl under the pipe to the right, climb over some crates and reach the BOX 1.

But now, let's get to the bomb:
Enter the pipemaze via the stairs in the southeast, then crawl under the first pipe to get into the labyrinth.
Crawl straight on to the left until you can't go on any further, here you find some BANDAGES. After collecting these you crawl along under the redbrown pipe until your sensor starts beeping and gets louder. That's the bomb that's beeping around here, so freeze it.


The 2nd and odorless bomb on Strut A
(Deap Sea Dock)

Stillman calls in and tells you there must be another bomb in the bottom of Strut A, and this time it is a bomb without smell to make it harder for you to find it as you can't detect the odorless Bomb in Strut A with you Sensor A.

Keep cool and walk towards the Strut A roof.

And now shit hits the fan, but we are lucky enough to already have the Sensor B (if you played along with this Walkthrough) and don't have to get back to Strut C to get the Sensor B and are in Strut A already, so easy peasy.

So equip this Sensor B now and then get down, 400 seconds are more than enough time. Get onto the elevator, listen to Stillman saying goodbye and then enter the Deep Sea Dock.

Strut A deep sea dock

Be fast and get to the water pond in here. The one where you came in through. But please don't jump into the water, but walk around the pool and get to the small diving sub hanging around here. Do you notice how the Sensor B starts beeping like crazy? That's no surprise, the bomb is mounted to the bottom of the small diving sub. So we need some more Coolant Spray here! But don't get too close to the bomb, otherwise Raiden jumps into the water, nobody knows why he would do that, but he does it anyways. So freeze the bomb once you are close enough and didn't jump into the water.

Done! That's it for Fatman's bombs. But it would be boring if the action stopped now, so get to the elevator and here we go again!

Big Shell: Iroquois Pliskin Big Shell: Fortune Bossfight

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