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Fortune annoys us with her "I want to die, please kill me" Emo talk, but that doesn't matter as she soon runs amok with her giant Electro Rocket Launcher Gun...

This is no real Bossfight in that sense, rather a small survival training.

Wait until Fortune stopped using her giant Ladyshave and you can see the laser aiming device. Then you just jump around from left to right and back between the piles of crates and once her shot is close to be fired off (you notice this from the ever rising pitch of the sound) you rolljump into cover behind one of the crate piles.

You could also hide behind one of the piles but in this case Fortune slowly shoots her way through the pile and the crates catch fire and this is even more dangerous than timing your jumps between the piles of crates.

After some time and a lot of useless but cool looking shooting from Fortune the Colonel calls in and tells you that Fatman wants to meet you on the Heliport. How could you resist such a nice invitation? And since vamp is wounded now too, you can get past Fortune and again you have a timer running against you, starting at 400 seconds. If you don't make it in time Fatman blows up the Big Shell.

Big Shell: Fatmans Bombs Big Shell: Fatman Bossfight

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