Metal Gear Solid 2

Big Shell: Iroquois Pliskin

Strut B Transformer Room

Blood! Blood everywhere! And corpses everywhere too. What happened here?
But the bloodfeast continues, the Team Alpha is attacked by some mystical beeing that likes to suck blood and seems to be (a) Vamp.
But there is our masked hero helping us survive the attack. This soldier calls himself Iroquois Pliskin, but we all know who he really is...
Both Pliskin and Raiden introduce each other and also lie at each other and after some small talk we can continue.

Pliskin gave you a SOCOM gun, so you could equip it already.

If you want to, you can aim at the sleeping or resting Pliskin with your new gun. He has his spidersenses where they belong and is wide awake in no time and threatens you.
When you shoot at him now he even curses at you and shoots back, this takes away from your health of course...

Now you download the map for the Strut B from the Node, take the SOCOM AMMUNITION with you and move towards the BC Connecting Bridge. Before you leave the Strut B open all the lockers at the northern end of Strut B to find a RATION and some more SOCOM AMMUNITION.

BC Connecting Bridge

The Navy Seals Team 10 (Bravo Team) fights against Fortune and has no chance. Vamp comes along and grabs the President and the Seals totally lose against the supernatural terrorists from Dead Cell. Sadly the Connecting Bridge to the Shell 1 Core on this side is destroyed after this fight.

And of course the Colonel has his say on these events and sends you to a bomb expert on Strut C.

Halfway along the BC Connecting Bridge you can find a CHAFF GRENADE.

Strut C Dining Hall

You enter the Strut C where the toilets are.
The mens restroom is on the left, ladies do it on the right. You can find some SOCOM AMMUNITION in the mens restroom (besides some nice posters). The ladies restroom offers PENTAZEMIN and M9 AMMUNITION. And in here is something else that is very important, but you will find out about this in a few minutes.

Now follow the hallway between the toilets until you run into yet another cutscene

Meet Peter Stillman and he introduces you to Fatman. Grab your LVL 1 Security Card from Peter Stillman and now let's disarm some bombs!

Big Shell: Diving In Big Shell: Fatmans Bombs

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