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Arsenal Gear - Rectum

And now it's getting tough, you are facing 3 really mean and ready to attack Metal Gear Rays, and they don't like the way you are alive and want to change that.

The Rays attack you from the distance with 3-5 rockets. You can see these rockets flying out of their shoulders where some fog stays leftover. These rockets take some time until they arrive on the platform you are on. When the Rays fire these rockets you hear a beeping sound. You notice when the rockes are really close by the beeping getting faster. If you hear this, start running and jumping, then the rocket won't hit you.


After some firefights one of the Rays comes in and joins you on the platform you are on and attacks you from a close range. From this close range a Ray can perform 3 different attacks.

The first attack is a machingun attack. He fires his rounds all over the platform, you can dodge this attack by jumping into the opposite direction. This is no problem on itself but one of the Rays in the background sure is nice enough to fire some of his already mentioned rockets at you. So watch our for these too and dodge them too.

The second close range attack of a Metal Gear Ray while standing on the platform with you is shooting rockets at you. This is a really mean attack, you have to dodge these rockets with a well timed jump aside. And keep an eye on the 2 Rays in the background and listen to the sounds of incoming rockets from them too as they won't stop firing these at you.

The third attack of a Metal Gear Ray on the platform with you is his laser ray. He announces him firing the laser ray early on with the blue glow around his mouth. Then he soon starts firing at the whole platform and tries to hit you with the laser ray. The laser attack is the slowest attack so it is easy to dodge the ray. You can even prevent the whole attack by shooting the Metal Gear Ray as soon as you see the blue glow. You have enough time for this as it takes the Ray some time to charge up the laser.

Now that you know everything about the attacks of the Metal Gear Rays and how to avoid them you also want to know how to fight the Rays.


This is pretty easy in theory, every Ray has 3 weak spots, one in the face and two on the knees. When you just shoot the face of a Ray with a Stinger this is just a scratch for the Ray. When you shoot the knee of a Ray this also is not that hurtful for the Ray but he is stunned for a moment and opens the cover in front of his face. So you shoot a Ray into the knee, and once he kneels down, shoot him into his ugly metallic face. This hurts him pretty good.

At the beginning of the fight the Rays are busy screaming and shouting around so you can make them kneel down 3 times before they even start attacking you. It is best to start with the middle one, then the right one (this one would otherwise attack now) and then again the one in the middle. After these 3 kneeling actions you fight them however you want and what your time allows when you are not fighting a Ray on the platform with you.

As soon as you drained about 50% of the health of a Ray he jumps onto the platform with you and attacks you like I described in the whole first paragraph of this page. Follow the hints above, shoot his knee and then his face. That's all there is to it.
Once this Ray reached 0% health he walks away from the platform, but sometimes he still attacks you one last time, so watch him when he leaves and make sure he is completely gone before letting your attention go from him.

As soon as you defeated one of the Metal Gear Rays he gets replaced with a new Metal Gear Ray robot, but don't panic, this is not going on forever, on normal difficulty you have to fight 6 Metal Gear Rays, then this fight is over.
(On very easy and easy there 3 Rays, on hard there are 12 and on extreme you face 20 Metal Gear Rays!)

You don't have to worry about your weapon and ammunition supply, new stinger rockets appear on the platform over and over again.
And in the middle of the platform there is every now and then a RATION appearing, but not as frequent as the stinger ammunition.

Arsenal Gear: Tengu Ambush  Solidus Snake Bossfight

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