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Big Shell: Ninja Mr X

The Ninja introduces him(?)self as a nameless person and you just call him Mr. X from now on. Mr. X tells you where you can find a contact person that knows where to find the President that you might want to rescue from the terrorists. He hands you a LVL 2 keycard and a B.D.U. Uniform that the Gurlukovich soldiers in the Shell 1 Core wear. Where did the Ninja get this Gurlukovich unform from?

So let's find Ames, the contact person.

Strut F Warehouse

Get into the Strut F again to enter the room in the west of the top level floor. Thanks to your new LVL 2 keycard you can enter here now.
Be careful, there is a lot of Semtex connected to one of these laser triggers, shut it off by shooting the control unit to the west of the door with the SOCOM. Grab the M4 and the M4 AMMUNITION in here.

Get down one floor and enter the door to the north. In here is another item of M4 AMMUNITION and in the northeast the beloved AKS-74u machinegun. The fitting AKS-74u AMMUNITION can be found 3 times in here, and additionally 1 SOCOM AMMUNITION.

That's it for the Warehouse, get back to the EF Connecting Bridge now.

EF Connecting Bridge

And from the EF Connecting Bridge you can see the guard on top of Strut E again, and he is just waiting for you to put him to sleep, so do so now.

And you will find 3 Cyphers here, these have their camera head below the ring this time, so give them some SOCOM or AKS 74 medicine.

On the bridge to the Shell 1 Core are a lot of doves and almost as many trap doors in the floor. You can either run over them real fast or you swing over the railing and climb over to the other side. Get the AKS 74 AMMUNITION and then enter the door into the Shell 1 Core.

Big Shell: Fatman Bossfight Big Shell: Search for Ames Shell 1 Core

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