Metal Gear Solid 2

Big Shell: Oilfence Sniping

Strut L Oil Fence

And now for something fun, Emma is supposed to walk over the oilfence while you free her way with the sniper rifle. Okaylydokayly, let's get it on. Let's guard Emma Emmerich while she finds her way across the oilfence on Strut L of the Big Shell.

Don't miss the additional ammunition behind you, there is some more there.

At first shoot the guard on the other side with the PSG1-T tranquillizer sniper rifle, he will fall asleep just in time and you can now pay attention to all the claymore mines on the oilfence in Emma's way. Drop a Pentazemin and equip the THERMAL GOGGLES to see where the hidden claymores are and then snipe the mines away.

While Emma is on her way to the one corner of the oilfence you can take care of all the Cyphers coming in now, but keep an eye on Emma and the corner of the oilfence as there might be 3 guards appearing here and they like to shoot Emma. Be faster than they are and shoot them too.
While she is on the oilfence Emma talks to herself all the time, she questions Raiden's hair, talks to soldiers, etc. You can listen to all this by aiming the Directional Mic in her direction.

As soon as Emma reached the longer side of the oilfence another soldier appears on the corner behind her, get rid of this guy too. Then Snake calls in already. He offers to take over your Sniper job, so if you don't like sniping things then ask yourself what is fun to you anyways and let Snake handle this. You do this by calling Snake via Codec and then aim your sniper rifle where you want him to shoot at.

There are more guards appearing on the next corner of the oilfence, also some more Cyphers attack, there is quite some action going on, and Snake is not that great at sniping on top of that. But if you don't like what Snake does you can still shoot some of these enemies yourself, you have a Sniperrifle after all.

As soon as Emma leaves the second corner of the oilfence on exactly that corner yet another sentinel appears.

While Emma is on the third and last part of the oilfence some more Cyphers appear and another familiar face and thought to be dead guy appears. Well, if this ain't Vamp!
Drop yet another Pentazemin and shoot Vamp into the head with some really WELL AIMED headshots. Watch out to not hit Emma, but Vamp. The mean guy Vamp drags Emma's hand in front of his face, but that won't help him after all. And now Vamp should be really dead (he still appears in the ending credits another time, but more on that later on). Thinking about Vamp walking on the water not too long ago this end of him is rather poor...

Vamp stabbed Emma with his knive into some sensible parts of her body so she isn't doing well at all. Snake rescues her and brings her into the Shell 1 Core. Raiden is on his way to the Strut E and has to get to the Shell 1 Core Computerroom pretty fast and deliver the disc with the virus on it before Emma can't help you anymore.

Big Shell: Escape with Emma Big Shell: Virus Upload

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