Metal Gear Solid 2

Big Shell: Shell 2

Shell 1-2 Connecting Bridge

After the hard fight with the Harrier you find yourself on a totally wrecked Shell 1-2 Connecting Bridge.
Now one way to continue might be to find your way over the long grey arm reaching out from the platform. But this is not recommended, but still possible to do, so I will explain what to do. You have to climb out almost all the way and then drop down onto the pipe below the metal arm. And from there very carefully sneak to the other side. One false move on your Analogstick or one false step into birdcrap can mean that you fall down into the depths below.

So it is better to just jump straigtforward across the gap between the destroyed platforms. But be careful to not drop down. Just jump in a straight line and not some diagonal moves and it is very easy to do.

So I suppose you chose the second path and safely made it to the other side.
And there is some PSG1 AMMUNITION to pick up here, and up the stairs is another pack of PSG1 AMMUNITION.
And there you get a call on your mobile. It's the Ninja calling and he tells you the same as I will do in a second.
Use the Coolant Spray to extinguish the flames. This takes a while and the flames like to light up again after you thought you extinguished them already, you keep on pumping coolant into them. Lead the extinguishing process from one side to the other.
And your reward is an AKS-74u Suppressor! Well, that was well worth it!

As you see you can't enter the Strut G through this door, so follow the small and narrow path on the outside of Strut G. Be fast as there are some trapdoors in the floor that will drop down with you on it when you keep standing on them for too long.

On the balcony on the other end of the narrow path around Strut G you press yourself against the wall so that you can see what happens from above and position yourself in a way that you stand in front of the lower bridge.
Swing over the railing as soon as you are in the correct position and drop down.

And now 2 guards appear and are just waiting for you to shoot them with a well aimed shot from the PSG1 or PSG1-T.
Once you knocked them out you jump over the first hole in the bridge and climb past the second hole on the front. Now get up the ladder and you are on Strut L already.

Strut L Perimeter

Now slow down. You have to crawl past the windows here as there are soldiers inside that like to look out of the window in some rather random intervals.
Don't get distracted by the sounds of the platforms, these won't drop down, just keep on crawling.
It is no use to shoot the sentinels inside Strut L and climb inside as you can't exit Strut L through the door at the end.

So you sneak around the corner and now the path is getting really narrow. Press yourself against the wall and move Raiden along the wall until you even have to crouch down and be happy when you don't fall down into the ocean.

Now contine for a short while and after an ugly shower that you can avoid by climbing around it you reach the KL Connecting Bridge

KL Connecting Bridge

Here you get the AKS AMMUNITION almost by dropping down on it. At the other end of the side bridge is a RATION to be found. Now it is time to shoot all 4 Cyphers that are floating around between the KL Connecting Bridge and the Shell 2 Core.
Then you have all the time in the world to pick up the CHAFF GRENADE and the PSG1 AMMUNITION at the north end of the KL Connecting Bridge as well as the SOCOM AMMUNITION at the south end of said bridge.

Now move yourself towards the Shell 2 Core. But watch out, on the bridge is another mean trap, this time there is just a gaping hole in the bridge. Just jump over the hole, but make sure to jump in a straight line and not somewhere besides the other side of the hole. There is also no railing at the other side of the hole. Yes, I missed this jump, so don't do the same and be warned (... RAIDEN!!!)

The next hole is too big to jump over it, so just climb along the railing again.

And then enter the Shell 2 Core.

Big Shell: The Harrier Fighter Jet Bossfight Big Shell: Shell 2 Core President Johnson

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