Metal Gear Solid 2

Big Shell: Shell 2 Core President Johnson

Shell 2 Core 1F, Air Purification Room

Olga is talking a lot now and seems to never want to stop with her praises to mother Russia but after some time she finally stops.
But the most important thing to take from her now is, that she keeps President James Johnson hostage behind a hallway that is electrified and you need the Nikita Aiming Rocketlauncher now.

Via the souther route get to the Node in the northwest now. On your way there you can pick up SOCOM AMMUNITION and M9 AMMUNITION. There is also NIKITA AMMUNITION to be found, but you cannot take it with you yet, as you don't have the NIKITA Aiming Missile Launcher yet.
There is a RATION in the southwest, and in the hallway almost in the southwest is another CHAFF GRENADE, while there is more M4 AMMUNITION inside the room with the Node.
All the way in the northeast is another M4 AMMUNITION, pick it up, don't worry, you are almost completely on your own here in the Shell 2, noone will disturb you for now.

You can annoy and/or confuse the President a bit by knocking on his wall from the outside and make him run around and wondering where that sound came from.

After you collected all these useful items you enter the elevator in the north of the area and ride it down one floor.

Shell 2 Core B1, Filtration Chamber No. 1

Down here there is only one way for you, and as gloomy as this sounds, you just have to go swimming, or rather diving. But get the map of the area from the Node first.

Dive down with the button button, then listen to the Colonel explaining the controls while swimming. I don't write much more to the controls while swimming as the Colonel covers this pretty good, the one thing I want to mention is that the white blurred spots on your map are air bubbles or just areas with air to breath that you need to get your Oxygen meter back into the blue and normal before Raiden's face turns unnormally blue.

So take the first turn right when swimming, this is west on your map. Here you swim until you reach the end and float up to get some air in your lungs again.

While you are above the waterline in the air chambers you can use button to position Raiden in a way that you can continue swimming in the direction you want to swim to when diving down under water again.

So continue swimming towards southern direction, but don't swim to the end and rather take the first turn left, to the east. Be careful, there are watermines in here (who puts these in here? Everything is flooded already!). Inside the minefilled room take a turn to the right, south on the map and there you have it, the Nikita Aiming Rocket Launcher.

As soon as you have the Nikita Auto Missile Launcher in your greedy and nervous fingers swim back the same way you came in, don't get lost as it is a bit confusing where the Nikita is located, and don't forget to resurface and breathe at the air bubbles from time to time. The closest airbubble is in the northwest from you.

As soon as you are back where there is no more water, run to the elevator and ride it up one floor.

Shell 2 Core 2F, Air Purification Room

There is a small junk room in the soutwest of this level of the Shell 2. But be careful, there are 2 motion sensitive spring guns installed in here, but you can take them out with some aimed shots from your SOCOM. The second spring gun is hidden in the dark but you can see the green light glowing on it (while it is still active...).

After you turned them both off you climb onto the crate in here, get some more NIKITA AMMUNITION and aim the Nikita towards the northern direction towards the little ventilation window.

Now you have to control a rocket through the ventilation system of the Shell 2, but this is the perfect starting point for this neat trick. There are other ventilation openings, try them if you want, but it's not working out all that great. So from the junkroom ventilation shaft take a turn to the right with your rocket, then drop down in height and once you left the air vent and are close to President Johnson, aim for the big grey block with the small yellow writings on it in the corner in which the President runs anyways to.

Once you disabled the electric ground control you can get back to the entrance to the Shell 2 Core and grab one more NIKITA AMMUNITION (that you had to leave behind some minutes ago) and walk up the hallway in which Olga Gurlukovich once walked along to finally reach President James Johnson.

The President is almost happy to see you and almost as sceptical about your gender.
After a seemingly endless talk about the Patriots, Solidus Snake and the connections of the Big Shell with Metal/Arsenal Gear on your Nano Comm that I won't repeat here President Johnson tells you, that you have to find Emma Emmerich. And for that he hands you the LVL 4 Keycard and a Disc with a virus for Arsenal Gear on it.
After the President did the only useful thing in this useless situation Ocelot appears and still keeps you alive for whatever reasons (okay, the game has to continue, reason enough?)

Before you start searching for Emma Emmerich don't forget to grab the SOCOM AMMUNITION from within the room where the President's corpse is.
And now you have to talk to Snake and Otacon again and then run to the elevator in the north and ride it down one level again.

Shell 2 Core B1, Filtration Chamber No. 1

Jump into the water and swim to where the Nikita Rocketlauncher was just a few minutes ago (well, a few minutes before the President didn't stop talking...) and after this spot you swim in a left right combo through the flooded hallways and should end up in a long hallway. At the end of this hallway is another air bubble to breath in again before opening that door.
After you meet an old familiar face in an unpleasant way it gets hard to navigate. Here is a lot of trash in your way so that you can't see where you are going most of the time. I'll try my best to describe the path through here.

The following room is parted into 4 segments by all the trash in here.
Swim to the south in the first segment and dive below all the trash to swim through the trash in the next segment at almost the same spot but this time way higher, closer to the ceiling.
The last segment before you reach the door has the hole through the trash in the northern part, after this you reached the door out of here already. Behind the door is an airbubble and a RATION.
Inside the room with all the trash are also airbubbles. You should use them in case you got lost between all the junk. But if you follow my directions you should find your way through here without needing any of the small airbubbles. But once you made it through the door you should really breath some fresh air.
Over the third airbubble is some PSG1 AMMUNITION.

Now swim up the stairs in northern direction and get out of the water. Thanks to the LVL4 keycard from the President you can enter the next room and you are well expected in there.

Big Shell: Shell 2 Big Shell: Vamp Bossfight

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