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now listen to some more story parts and finally we are in the last fight already...

After Raiden almost gave up Solidus Snake talks a lot of crap until finally Fortune appears with Snake. This doesn't look good...

Now you have to rapidly press the button-button to escape Solidus' strangling tentacles. Push it really fast and rapid!

Now lean back and relax, it's getting spectacularly confusing and it takes a long time until you are allowed to finally play some more...

And finally Ocelot has something to say and in case you totally understand what he is saying the first time you hear it, then please, explain it to me. And I completed the game more than once and still don't get everything...
Anyways, he spoils some secrets, everybody betrays everybody until nobody trusts anybody or somebody even understands what's going on and what the Patriots have to do with it.
After a nice firework with Ray and Fortune they finally go home. And once Liquid Snakes is involved this doesn't make things easier in any way...

Federal Hall


Brace yourself!

If you are feeling like driftwood once you get washed ashore on the Federal Hall, then it might be because of all the water or because of all the endless und confusing talks before. Still a great story, even when you only understand 5% of it. And now please end it all and defeat the final boss. How? This is what this page will explain to you now.

Solidus is a tough guy and you only have the High Frequency Blade left to fight (and hopefully defeat) him.

Solidus has some mean attacks in his repertoire, I will list all of them here and what you can do to dodge, block or counter them.

Solidus likes to grab you with the metallic tentacles on his back. In case he gets a hold on you he lifts you up and strangles you. You can stop him doing so by rapidly pushing button, but after he stops strangling you, he smashes you onto the ground and this costs you some health.
So the best strategy is to not get caught by his tentacles.

Solidus also likes to punch around with his mecha tentacles. In case he hits you he might drag away your legs and you fall flat on the ground. Just stand up really quick and avoid being hit by probably following sword attacks. This is your best bet then, right after running a lot and not getting hit by the tentacle in the first place.

It is very much possible to jump onto Solidus after the first tentacle swipe with a good aimed jump to stop him from doing the second tentacle swipe after all this way. Or you can even place some blows from your sword on Solidus while he is stunned from your jump on him.

But it is also possible that he counters your jumping approach with a roundhousekick (described further below). You can't do anything against this then.

Solidus can shoot small rocket from his tentacles at you. There are a few shots coming at you at once and they even follow you for a short while but are not that controlled. You know he will soon fire the rockets when you see the tentacles glowing bluegreen.
It is the best idea the get away from Solidus now and run around him in a halfcircle while you get a bit closer to him with every move. Then he won't hit you at all. And if you manage to come real close to him you can place a blow with your sword on him as he can't block your attack while he is shooting.

Hot Wheel
Solidus likes his attacks spectacular and once he had enough of striking on you with his sharp blade he speeds up and cruises all across the roof of the Federal Hall. Sometimes only once, sometimes twice, in the end he leaves a burning trail behind. The Hot Wheel move comes in very spontaniously but you can see it coming by the flames on his ass. Maybe he shouldn't have eaten all that chili yesterday!
So just don't touch the burning trail. In case you set yourself on fire by touching the flames you have to extinguish Raiden as soon as possible (but also be prepared for more attacks by Solidus) by jumping some somersaults all over the place. After 5-10 seconds the flaming Raiden turns into non flaming again.

When you are standing close enough to the next house while fighting Solidus, he climbs up this house using his tentacles for this. Then he jumps back into the arena. When he hits you while jumping back he drains some of your health, so stay away in a good distance when he starts climbing.
Once he landed back he is attackable for a few moments. Strike him with your sword a few times.

Close Range Combat

Now it gets interesting, because if you want to defeat Solidus Snake you have to get real close to him and strike him down with your High Frequency Blade. This needs some practise, I can't teach you that just by writing this walkthrough, you have to practise and be annoyed with Solidus yourself.
To strike a good blow on Solidus (that sadly takes away way too little from his health) you have to get real close to him, and he doesn't like this at all and knows how to get rid of you again. He has some mean counter and offensive attacks he likes to use in close range combat.

Chuck Norris would be jealous if he saw Solidus' Roundhousekicks (but he will never see them as he destroyed his screen with a Roundhousekick as he tried to defeat all the Metal Gear Rays). Solidus always uses this kick when you are behind him and he knows you are there. So you better keep your distance to him, attack fast or duck down under the roundhousekick, sadly ducking is not alway as succsessful as you might wish.
After his Roundhousekick you can place some chops with your sword on Solidus Snake if you are close enough to him.

If you are laying in front of him and are about to stand up, Solidus likes to headbutt you because he has nothing better to do anyways. This takes not so much health off of your healthbar, but if possible you should avoid getting hit.
Jump away from him as soon as you are even close to standing up straight and chances are his headbutt will miss.

Sword Attacks

Solidus has 3 differently executed swordattacks and they all are of different strengths. And these are especially interesting as his swordattacks open him up for a sword attack by yourself.

You can see he is about to chop with his sword when he starts to glow in a blue color. Then it depends on his stance what attack he will perform.

Solidus lifts both his swords over his head, planning to attack with both of his swords.
This attack is very effective, meaning it drains off a lot of your health in case he hits you.
But he needs quite some time to prepare this attack so you recognise this attack soon enough and can escape it.
After he smashed down his swords he is open for an attack from you for a short moment, use this opportunity to drain some of his health.
But be careful, get away from him first. He might aim into one direction, but when you are standing too close to him in the other direction he will just turn around while smashing down the swords and hit you anyways.

This attack is his only unblockable sword attack!

This attack has Solidus attacking with both his swords, but one after the other. This attack takes away some of your health with each hit he places on you, so you better are not close to him at all while he uses this attack.
After he finished this move there is not as much time to place a hit yourself as after the Doubletrouble attack but it is possible. But way less time for it.

Sadly Solidus doesn't actually kill himself with this attack but he waves his sword around like crazy. The same as for the Shashlik attack above applies here.
That means, keep your distance while he is performing this attack, and sting like a bee on him when he is finished and stunned for a moment.

These are all the attacks Solidus uses to drain your health, and now please read on for the


Part I

The easiest thing to do is running in a circle around Solidus and just waiting for him to open his defense cover. Just attacking without any real plan is useless as he will just block all your attacks, except when you indeed did read the chapter about his attacks above here (I don't write this for nothing, you know!), then you know on which attack he drops his cover and it's time to attack him yourself.
Always keep moving, run close to him to provoke an attack from him, run back to a good distance again, be heroic.
Jump past him very close or onto him, this open all kind of new possibilities.
Block a lot, most of his attacks (something like 50.01%) are blockable.

Don't forget to get the RATION in the corner of the roof, this is very useful.

Good work, Jack!
But this is where it's getting interesting.

As soon as you took away a bit more than half of his health he gently kicks off his tentacles and attacks you even more. And he attacks you with all the attacks mentioned above here (as you have noticed for sure) except for the tentacle attacks of course. And now he also uses some new attacks:

Hot Wheel extended
He drives around the roof like a maniac now and leaves his trail of fire behind. It is very easy to catch fire now.
So avoid these firetrails as good as possible. If you caught fire you have to extinguish Raiden immediately (and still be prepared for more attacks from Solidus) by flipping some somersaults all over the place, after 5-10 seconds Raiden extinguishes his flames.

And the mean part is that Solidus finishes his last burning trail with an aimed attack on you and tries to either stab you with his sword or knock you off your feet with an elbow jab. You can avoid this with a jump aside as soon as you hear his let's go or Take this or some similar battlecry. Or you turn towards him and block his attack, but this can go wrong easily if you don't know exactly what you are doing.

After Solidus comes to a stop after this Hot Wheel attack and the following closing attack he is open for an attack from you again, use this to your advantage.

Sword Attacks


And Solidus also has a new Sword Attack for the last part of the battle, he stabs in your direction over quite some distance, he also uses this as the closing attack on the extended Hot Wheel or while you are kneeling down to restore your health.

After this he is stunned again for a short moment and you can attack him.

He also likes to use the Harakiri swordwaving in this part of the fight too. So be careful and use this against him and attack him as soon as he finished this attack. But there you also have to be careful as he likes to finish the wild Harakiri attack with another Stab attack.


Part II

And now he sets the whole roof on fire, the only useful thing to do is to jump aside a lot and not catch fire yourself now.
Place your attacks as describe above, it is also a good idea to not be offensive that much and watch Solidus and counter his attacks.
Dodge a lot, attack when he is stunned, block, counter. Keep that in mind and you should have him down and defeated after a few tries.

!Congratulations, you just finished
Metal Gear Solid 2 Sons of Liberty!

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Oh mein Gott, ich habe noch keine Ahnung was ich da grade gesehen habe, aber es war einfach fantastorös :D
Danke für den unterhaltsamen Guide, ich hatte ihn manchmal echt nötig...

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