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At first you want to grab the Stinger that Snake throws down for you from the Kasatka. You can harm the Harrier pretty good with this weapon.

Well, the Harrier, this is the main target now, most of the time you first have to rely on your radar and look around to find the Harrier. The Harrier is the red triangle on your radar.
So equip the Stinger and aim into the direction the red triangle is on your radar or where the Harrier actually is.
Once you basically know the rough direction the Harrier is in watch out for a silver flashing on the horizont, this is the place the Harrier will soon appear. Aim for this place. As soon as the Harrier is in range for a hit some displays in your aim change color to red. As soon as you have your red colored square it is pretty much the right time to launch a rocket, otherwise the Harrier will come way too close to you.

This works 2 times, then Solidus has the bright idea to attack you from above. So unequip the Stinger for now and change your location to another corner of the bridge. Then shoot the Harrier from below with the Stinger. Hit it where it hurts!
After some hits Solidus retreats and flies his attack pattern again.

Most of the time an attack from half the distance follows up now and Solidus throws bombs at you and the bridge. These destroy half of the bridge, so it is better to pick up the RATION Pliskin offers you before all this and wait until Solidus is done with his bombs from some place on the lower level of the bridge.

After this attack the attack patterns continue as they normally do, either attacks from the distance or these close range attacks.

You fight the distance attacks like described above, there is no change to that, but it now can also happen that Solidus hovers the Harrier above the bridge and shoots you with a machinegun or drops flaming rockets.

You avoid the machinegun fire from behind the thick knob in the middle of the bridge. In case the Harrier is very much visible you just shoot it.
In case Solidus throws his Napalm bombs it is your best choice to escape from these to the lower level of the bridge and stay there until the fires are all burnt out. And down there you are also safe from the rockets from the Harrier in case you missed it while it is flying in.
In case Raiden catches fire and burns like hell you can extinguish these with a lot of your sumersalt jumps. But be careful to not fall off of the bridge while jumping around.

Soldius seems to like Snake a lot and Vamp does the Jesus. And Metal Gear is ready for deployment.

And now even Rose calls in and asks if you finally want to save your game. Well, this is your decision, but this is never wrong.
After some stressful moments with the Colonel we can contine.

Big Shell: The Semtexlasers on the Shell 1-2 Connecting Bridge Big Shell: Shell 2

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