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Big Shell: The Semtexlasers on the Shell 1-2 Connecting Bridge

Shell 1-2 Connecting Bridge


All the Semtex and according control units listed here are for the normal difficulty level. On easier levels there are less control units to shoot, on higher difficulty levels there are more of them. I will eventually list all of them here at a later point or in an extra chapter, but for now you have to find the extra control units on higher difficulty levels yourself, when you play on a harder difficulty level you should be able to do that yourself =P
Or leave a helpful comment if you found all semtex control units on hard and so on...


As always it is impossible to tranquillize the control units, so don't even try to use the M9 or the PSG1-T to turn them off. Rather use Raiden's Socom or the PSG-1 sniper rifle (without the T). Now after that is clear, here is the note, that a control unit has a slowly pulsating green light, while a destroyed control unit does nothing anymore beside beeing broken and looking broken. The nervously orange flickering packs are the real deal, this is the Semtex, you better not shoot these or you will blow up everything!

Control Unit 01
So let's start with the worst of all Control Units, so that if you fail here you can restart and don't have to do all the other Control Units again. The worst Control Unit is on the head of the Cypher that is afloat above the Strut G.
Yes, there really is another Control Unit on the Cypher. Pliskin eventually calls you up and gives you the very same hint that I give you now. Take a look at the Cypher with your Scope first. Only hit the Control Unit on the Cypher and not the Camera Head of the Cypher as this thing will explode otherwise and with him all the Semtex around you will explode.
So light up a Cigarette or drop some Pentazemin to get an unshaky hand, equip the PSG1 and only hit the Control Unit on the Cypher.

Control Unit 02
The second Control Unit is placed directly behind you above the doorway.

Control Unit 03
This Control Unit can be found on the left side of the bridge, even in front of the first laser barrier.

Control Unit 04
The 4th Control Unit is placed just next to the third one, just a bit further into the direction of the Shell 2, between the 2 laser barriers. Make sure you don't hit the Semtex, rather aim a bit higher.

Control Unit 05
On this thick voluminous thing where the bridge parts is the fifth Control Unit.

Control Unit 06
At the end of the left bridgepart you can find the 6th Control Unit laying on the ground.

Control Unit 07
There is a flag waving to the far left of the door into the Strut G. You can see the Control Unit from the far right side of the platform in front of Strut D (where you are standing) when the wind is blowing to your likings and the flag is showing the Control Unit.

Control Unit 08
To the left of the door into the Strut G is a Control Unit attached to the wall, circled in by 5 packs of Semtex. If you are not so sure about your aim with the SOCOM you can use the PSG1 to take this Control Unit out, but it is very possible to hit it with the SOCOM. But this is more for the advanced players that want some new challenge or the avaricious players that don't want to waste precious PSG1 rounds.

Control Unit 09
A bit to the right of the door to the Strut G is another Control Unit attached to the wall, this time circled by 6 packs of Semtex. Here the same applies as for the Control Unit 08.

Control Unit 10
Well hidden under all the doves is the 10th and last Control Unit on ground level below the Control Unit 08. Here you shoot as much as you want as there is no Semtex placed around it.

After you disabled the last Control Unit Solidus Snake appears and talks a lot of subsabber gibberish with this Pliskin. They both get into a fight and there can only be one.
And there your new enemy in form of the Harrier fighter jet appears. Fight like a brave! Give it to him!

Big Shell: Way to the Shell 2 Core Big Shell: The Harrier Fighter Jet Bossfight

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