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Vamp is waiting for you while he is dancing around on this pool of high density water in which you shouldn't fall, or you will just drown and die. So just shoot him already while he is still waiting for you to shoot him.

Besides the fact that Vamp move freaking fast (but luckily not as fast as in Strut B at the beginning of the game) he likes to attack you all the time! Vamp's attacks are basically only 3 standard attacks, while he varies one of them.

His first attack is throwing knives, you notice when he attacks you with knives when you hear the sound of the knives coming at you. If you hear them get moving and avoid beeing hit immediately.
The knives can come all at once, this is the easiest attack to dodge, but Vamp likes to vary on this attack and might release a knife rain, then you have to dance through the knives with all your elegance.
He uses this attack most of the time only when he is walking around the scaffolding in the upper part of the area.

His second attack is a close range attack. Vamp uses this attack only when he is on the lower walkway (on which you are, that's why it's a close range attack) and close to you. Then he stabs you with his knife. You can dodge this by cowardly but effectively running away.

His third attack is one of the meanest ever. Vamp likes to pin your shadow to the ground. Then you can't move or attack him anymore, you are stuck to the ground and have to stay like that until he hits you at least once with whatever attack he uses at that time.
To avoid him using this attack right from the beginning on you should shoot the 4 lights on the scaffolding on which he also likes to walk along, otherwise he might use this attack as often as he likes. But when there is no light there is also no shadow and so he can't pin your shadow to the ground.

After you now know all about Vamp's attacks, you want to know how to defeat him, don't you?

The easiest method to get rid of this bloodsucking freak is to wait for him with the Stinger equipped. Once he appears and you have the opportunity, shoot him with the Stinger. A lot. This is a lot easier than the annoying shootout that you would otherwise have to do now. But if you want to become a real pro with Metal Gear Solid 2 you can also do this without the Stinger!

Since you have to survive some of his attacks either way I'll list some strategies for attacking Vamp here.

You probably noticed already, that Vamp likes to jump out of the heavy water at the spot opposite from the little stay. Plant some C4 right where he always appears. Once he is next to the explosives blow him up, drain some of his health and fire him back into the slippery water.

Once he is back on the walkway you are on, wait for him with the RBG6 equipped. This thing is also very effective in draining his health.

When he is high up on the scaffolding you have to have a good aim. A well placed hit onto the wound on his forehead costs him double the damage than a normal hit. So always aim for his bloodthirsty head.

You can swing over the railing in the south and there you are safe from his knive attacks. But this doesn't help you when he is right next to you stabbing you with the knife.
Over the railing in the north you reach another RATION, this is very useful in this bossfight.

As soon as Vamp only has a little bit of health left he won't dive down into the pool anymore but rather move around really fast. Now it's time to get out one of your machineguns and shoot him with that. Remember to aim for the wound on his head!

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