Metal Gear Solid 2

Big Shell: Virus Upload

Strut E Parcel Room

Time is running out, so enter the door, and once you notice you are where you know your way about, that is the basement of of the Strut E, still, take your time to get into the other LVL5 door and pick up the photo cam (even though you can only use it in a new game after this one).
You know how to reach the EF Connecting Bridge, don't you? Get rid of the one soldier in here in Stut E or just run away from him, he won't notice all that much anyways.

EF Connecting Bridge

Desintegrate the 3 Cyphers. Don't get spotted by them, otherwise there are more than enough new Cyphers around to get on your nerves in no time. After the Cyphers are trash you climb over the bridge to the Shell 1 Core. Get there either by hanging and climbing, or press yourself against the railing and slowly walk over there. If needed, take a break at the middle of the bridge on the small part, that is still there. You can even jump over the last hole from there to finally reach the Shell 1 Core.

Shell 1 Core 1F

Just run as fast as possible to the elevator at the northend of the roundabout, all the guards are in Arsenal Gear already so noone is in your way and asking stupid questions.

Shell 1 Core B2

Everything, and I mean everything goes wrong. The virus won't upload completely, the boys can't enter Arsenal Gear without some help and, even worse, Emma E dies...
Then her parrot flies away and Snake betrays Raiden wth Olga Gurlukovich! Yes, you did read that right, Olga Gurlukovich! And also the Big Shell sinks and you were just washing your clothes and hanging them out for drying.

....And the scenery changes...

Big Shell: Oilfence Sniping  Arsenal Gear

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