Metal Gear Solid 2

Big Shell: Way to the Shell 2 Core

Now the best thing to do is hide in the small locker room until the alert is canceled again. You just have to knock out the two guards in here. Once the alert is over you get rid of the one soldier at the elevator and get back up one floor.

Shell 1 Core 1F

You are still on the run and have to fight your way through to the door now. I advise you to take the left western path and get rid of the soldiers one after the other. Never ever take the elevator back down as the scancam is still active and immediately sees what's up when scanning your face. This triggers an alert of course.

EF Connecting Bridge

As you can see the trap doors are back in place (the terrorists probably ordered a mechanic to the Big Shell to reinstall these), but don't run over these just yet.
There are at least 3 Cyphers around here and of course the one soldier on the roof of Strut E watching over the EF Connecting Bridge. Get rid of them all. At least there are no new Claymore mines hidden in the ground in case you disarmed and collected them all already. If you haven't collected them all turn on your mine detector and find your way to the Strut F.

Strut F Warehouse

And now enter the door just next to the hole in the ground on the upper level. In here you get the RGB6 Rocketlauncher and 2 packs of RGB6 AMMUNITION with 6 rounds each.

The room in the east offers you the PSG1 Sniperrifle now and one pack of PSG1 AMMUNITION. And in the very same room you want to crawl into the ventilation shaft as in there is the PSG1-T Sniperrifle. This is exactly the same as the normal PSG1 Sniperrifle but only works with tranquillizing rounds.
In the room in the west 1 more pack of PSG1 AMMUNITION is hidden in the ventilation shaft.

EF Connecting Bridge

And again all the Cyphers and the Soldier on the roof of Strut E are back to spot and shoot you. Don't let that happen and dispose them all, then make your way to the Strut E.

Strut E Parcel Room

Sneak through or shoot your way through here, this is way too easy for you now, isn't it?

DE Connecting Bridge

And again the Soldier up above your head watching over the DE bridge is back, but you can avoid him by walking along the lower level of the bridge. But be careful, here are 2 more guards waiting for you.
But you stay on the corner of the stairs downwards without beeing spotted by the guard watching the upper level and from there you have a good aim at the 2 sentinels on the lower level.

And from the other side of the bridge, from the corner of the stairs you can get rid of the 2 soldiers on 2 different levels and finally enter the Strut D through the upper level door.

Strut D Sediment Pool

When you enter from the top level door you first shoot the soldier in the middle, he just deserves it for reappearing again and again. There is another guard on the upper level, knock him out as well. The third guard in here is on the lower level and not important at all at this moment. Only in the very rare case he should decide to come walking up the stairs you have to take care of him, but if you are sneaky enough he won't ever come up here.

Once you can reach the LVL 3 door in the north of the Strut D unnoticed you get through there of course to reach the Shell 1-2 Connecting Bridge.

Pliskin phones in and explains to you that there are some packs of Semtex and control units for them attached to the bridge. You have to disarm them before you can pass the bridge.
Raiden takes a closer look with his Scope and now you should know how the Semtex (which you shouldn't shoot) and how the control units (which you should shoot) look like.

Big Shell: Search for Ames Shell 1 Core Big Shell: The Semtexlasers on the Shell 1-2 Connecting Bridge

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