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Olga is the first Boss in Metal Gear Solid 2 - Sons of Liberty. So it is rather easy to beat her. Especially when you are using this FAQ for help and use it to be prepared for this battle.

To take cover you only have the two spots behind the boxes, there is more space on the right side, less space on the left side, but therefore you can shoot past the left side of the left boxes and have a deeper look into what happens and get some angle into your shots.
The best thing to do against Olga are well aimed headshots. You can aim very good while you are in the First Person View (FPV), get there by pressing and holding button and then draw your gun and shoot with button. Don't forget to aim though.

The first priority for this fight is to shoot the huge spotlight in the background of the area, otherwise Olga will annoy you later on by blinding you with the spotlight.

Also take note that you can just kneel down or lay down in case your health dropped down very low and is in the yellow or red already and you don't have any Rations left over. While staying down you recover your health (to 1/4th).

In the first part of the battle Olga takes cover behind the 2 obstacles in the front of the arena. While she is hiding there you can place some good headshots on her. When she hits you in this time this scratches a bit but nothing serious. (This is for the normal difficulty, on extreme 2 hits or one grenade kill you!)

After draining out almost half of her health (in this case you shoot her with the M9 Tranquillizer gun, so you only attack the lower healthbar, you slowly stunn her) she flees to the back part of the fighting arena and takes cover behind the waving tarp.
Now she like to throw handgrenades at you too. In that case you should change position really quickly. The best way to do this is to jump from one position to the other, as Olga won't hit you with her pistol shots that way, and even better, she might not even see where you went and you have a short advantage and can score a placed headshot. And watch out for those handgrenades.

After some more time and some more hits (I'm not saying by whom on whom...) the tarp flies away and Olga has no cover anymore. Now she will try to blind you with the spotlight, except when you already broke it at the beginning of the fight. This is really annoying so get rid of the spotlight as fast as you can.
If you really didn't destroy the spotlight already then please do so now, preferrably from the very right, shoot past the very right side of the boxes. Eventually you even hit Olga this way as she is standing right in front of the spotlight.

Fight back, run away from all the handgrenades coming in and crawl to tactically good places so Olga doesn't know where you are anymore and has to come and look for you. But it seems that at this time in the fight she almost always knows where you are, except when shooting past the very right side of the right boxes.

Once the spotlight is dead and you did hit Olga once more she start runnning around some more and you should be able to finish her off with some well aimed headshots from the corner opposite of her current position.

Tanker: Infiltrate Investigate Bridge Tanker: Through the Engine Room

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