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Tanker: The Semtex Infrared Sensors

It is a good idea to save your game before doing anything stupid here. Otherwise you can end up on the bottom of the Hudson River really fast by sinking the whole Tanker when you shoot one of the Semtex Packs instead of the control unit of the infrared lasers.

The first thing to do is shooting the flour bag at the other end of the hallway, this makes all the IR laser rays of the Semtex packs visible. Oh what a great coincidence that there is a bag of flour right here where there are laser walls that might trigger large amounts of semtex.

As Otacon already said you can destroy the control units for the laser only with the USP. To better see what is going on and to zoom in some more you can use the camera here, equip the cam via the button menu, zoom in with button and zoom back out with button.

You have to destroy 3 control units all in all.

Control Unit No.1

One control unit is on the right side between a lot of Semtex packs between the 2nd and 3rd laserportal. You have to aim very precise here to not accidently hit the Semtex.

Control Unit No. 2

The next control unit for the Semtex Laser is very low, you have to lay down to see it on the left side at the 3rd lasergate. You can only see this control unit while you are laying down and you can only shoot and hit it while you are laying down.

Control Unit No. 3

The last control unit is high up quite at the beginning of the short hallway with the IR laserportals above all these cables there.
To hit this control unit you should climb on the westernmost box in the room before the hallway. From here you can see it blinking very good and it hurts when you shoot it. You switch to the FPV with button, and while you are viewing things in First Person View you can stand up on your toetips with button+button. Now you have totally free aim on the control unit and won't hit the Semtex that easy, but therefore it can get very confusing with all the buttons you have to press at the same time. If you are good at aiming you don't have to stand on your toes and just aim good. Luckily you saved the game before doing anything stupid...

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1) GameCarnival202  (mail hidden)
wrote on:
You don't have to be lying down at all to hit the low one, simply aim at the corner of it.

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