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Tanker: Through the Engine Room

After you are done with Olga there is a CYPHER coming along and watches Snake. Snake now talks a lot with Otacon, he fears having screwed up because he listened to an anonymous hint by some EE, but at least Snake now has Olga's gun. A real killing deadly gun. But this gun has no silencer for now, so don't use it around more than one guard as it is very loud and attracts a lot of unwanted attention. But of course the USP is a lot more powerful than the M9.

We are still on the Navigational Deck right next to Olga. When you drag her around for a while you get her Dogtag. And there is a RATION near by.
When you want to know more about the Dogtags take a look at the Dogtags chapter.
When you shoot Olga with your new USP Otacon phones in and talks with you...

Now use the stairs to get on top of the bridge. Climb up the mast here and get the THERMAL GOGGLES. Try the Thermal Goggles right now and see what they do. But to not get disoriented take them off again now.
In case you are on your second playthrough and use a savefile on which you saved your completion of the game you should especially come up here. Here is a surprise in form of a USP Silencer hidden on the mast then.

In the eastwing of the upper deck is another soldier to get rid of and the wet box. And now get back inside!

Deck-E, the bridge

Here you will find your first AMMUNITION for the USP, then you can go down already.

Deck-D, Crew's quaters

Here you can get rid of the soldier in the hallway with the M9 and once there is noone left that can hear the noise you can get rid of the laser barrier by shooting the control unit with the USP.

This is an easy way to get past the security camera in the cafeteria room as you don't come close to it in any way and you can get down one more level.
Below the tables in the canteen is another USP AMMUNITION you couldn't pick up before, now is your time to take it with you. and in case you missed it the last time, under the other table is a pack of M9 AMMUNITION.

Deck-C, Crew's quaters

Be careful here now, besides the security camera there is now a new guard on patrol on this hallway.

Just hide in the locker next to the stairs and wait for the soldier to walk past you to the east. Then get after him and give him a nice headshot. Now only sneak past under the security camera and we are down one more level already.

Deck-B, Crew's quaters, port

This time take the southern path around here, there you will find some more USP AMMUNITION. Pick this up and get back to the lounge.

Deck-A, Crew's lounge, starboard

It is best to kneel down right behind the door and wait for the soldier to come in sight. Then shoot him some tranquillizers into the head and get past him now. The strange thing is that there is only one soldier here when you are coming from the Deck B, while when you leave the lounge now through one of the ground level doors and come back there are 2 soldiers in here. (This is for the normal difficulty).

When you want to have even more USP AMMUNITION then get to the westside and get down the stairs. There you can also get a Dogtag from the smelly soldier.

Now move into the eastwing of the longe and walk down the stairs. If you haven't been down here already you get a CHAFF GRENADE. Pick it up if you want and enter the door down here.

Engine Room

Don't let the huge shadow of the Raven figurine fool you, pick up the USP AMMUNITION and search the lockers for... a corpse! Shocking, isn't it.
When you shoot Raven he shoots back.

So, now finally enter the real engine room, here is where it gets interesting. :)
Take a look around on the upper levels. Everywhere you see a torchlight there is a potential enemy.
So shoot wide across the room! You can easily hit the soldier on the platform on the other side of the room when he is standing at the end of the platform. And then you move to the end of the platform you are on at the moment.

At the stairs around the corner you wait until the soldier below you appears and you get rid of him. You can get rid of another soldier all across the room from here. And now get down the stairs. Of course there is another sentinel placed below this part, but this time you don't walk down the stairs but get to the southeast corner of the platform, jump over the railing and hold on tight. Now drop down behind the short piece of wall so the soldier won't see you. From here you can peek around the corner and shoot the soldier when he isn't looking.
On this level you find another USP AMMUNITION in the very north. And now it is time to step onto the middle part of the engine room. In the north you can find a RATION and the southern path takes you around the engine.

There is a soldier on patrol on the lower level, but that should be no problem.

Here you can grab tons of Goodies, there is a GRENADE in the northwest of the westpart on the lower level, at the northern end is USP AMMUNITION and on the higher level is some USP AMMUNITION at half the way.

The soldier one level higher should be knocked out from the entry door already, if not, knock him out now and walk through the door. Follow the hallway and trigger a cutscene.

A guard enters through the door that was just locked right now and cuts off your way back.

If you are fast enough you can get rid of him by looking around the corner and shooting him this way or you just hide in one of the lockers that are just waiting for you.

Before you can even come close to walking through the next hallway Otacon calls in and explains to you what you have to do now to be able to pass through here.

Tanker: Olga Gurlukovich Bossfight Tanker: The Semtex Infrared Sensors

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