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Now it's getting interesting! As a good agent on a secret mission you need a huge arsenal of all kinds of weapons and you need to know how to use these.
To get to know the usage, the location to find them and how much boom they can do you just have to read this chapter, shoot on!


A small and handy pistol that Snake has with him from start on, Raiden first has to search for it.
The M9 shoots small tranquillizer rounds that knock out your enemies. Depending on which region of the body you hit it takes longer or knocks the soldier out instantly.
For example when you shoot his head or his crotch it only takes a very small moment until he falls over, when you shoot his foot it takes much longer for the sedating ingredients to reach his brain and get to work.

where to find:
In the Tanker Level in Snakes inventory.

You can find the M9 on the Big Shell on 3 different locations.
On Very Easy you can find it in the Deep Sea Dock of Strut A already, on Easy you can find it on the roof of Strut A, while when playing on Normal to Extreme it is a bit off the way in Strut F Warehouse (upper level, southeast).



This is the real deal, the killing (nontranquillizing) pistol for Snake. He takes it from Olga after defeating her. The USP is of normal firepower. When you don't give a guard a headshot he can take up to 4 rounds until he goes down.

where to find:
In the Tanker Level. You get it from Olga after you defeated her.

USP Suppressor:
There is no Suppressor in the Tanker Level in the NTSC (US) Version of the game but assuming you play the PAL (EU) Version of the game you can find the Suppressor for the USP on the mast of the Tanker after deafeating Olga. You find it on the middle level of the mast of the tanker, while on the top level of the mast are the Thermal Goggles. But beware, the suppressor is not found there on your very first playthrough of the game. You have to start a second playthrough from a savefile where you already completed the game to get the USP Suppressor.
When you don't have the Suppressor the USP is very loud and so it is a very bad idea to use it when there are more than one guard around as this instantly attracts unwanted attention.



Raiden's version of the USP (which is exclusive to Snake).
The only difference is that you can find a Suppressor for it on both versions of the game (NTSC and PAL).

where to find:
In the Big Shell Level in Strut B. You get it from Pliskin there.

Socom Suppressor:
You can find the Suppressor for the SOCOM in the Strut F - Warehouse in the room in the southeast on the lower level. You need the LVL1 Keycard from Stillman to enter there.
On the very easy level you can find the Suppressor right in the Strut B.



The AKS-74u is an improved Russian Kalashnikov AK-47. As with the M4 you can shoot a lot of bullets very fast. This is fun but then your Ammunition is empty very fast too.
It is very useful against Cyphers or to escape from situations where you are hopelessly outnumbered. You can even destroy the shields from the storm troops with you AKS.

where to find:
In the Big Shell Level in the Warehouse (Strut F) in the lower level in the north (LVL2 needed).

AKS-74u Suppressor:
You find the Suppressor for the AKS-47u after the fight against the Harrier Jet on the Shell 1-2 Connecting Bridge on the Shell 2 side behind the flames. The Ninja will tell you what to do there...
On very easy you find the AKS Suppressor in the Strut F already in the lower level behind the LVL2 door.


M4 Automatic

The M4 is just like the AKS 74u a machine gun and can put out 30 bullets per magazine. The M4 has a bit more firepower than the AKS, but therefore the M4 ammunition is not so frequent as the AKS ammunition. So keep some of them bullets for when you really need them. Of course the M4 is really helpful against storm troops and Cyphers and some bosses.
Sadly there is no M4 Suppressor in Metal Gear Solid 2.

where to find:
In the Big Shell Level in the Strut F (Warehouse) inside the LVL2 room behind the Semtex laser secured gate in the west in the upper level.



The PSG1 is a sniper rifle that lets you shoot some very precisely aimed shots. This implies, that your hand is calm enough, if not, try using the Cigarettes or Pentazemin. Now you can also hit soldiers that are far away.
You can also use it to shoot control units for Semtex packs that are placed on Cyphers or blast off Claymores on Oilfences.
All in all this is a very useful weapon but sadly very shaky on a high zoom level and eats into your Pentazemin stash. But you need the Pentazemin exactly for that and nothing else, so you can take some of them when needed.

where to find:
In the Big Shell Level in Strut F on the upper level in the east room.



The PSG1-T works exactly as the PSG1 does, except that it doesn't kill humans but only knocks them out with Tranquilizer rounds.

So please understand that you can not destroy control units or even Claymores with a Tranquilizer gun.
But it is very useful for guards that always move around on oilfences because you just have to hit them once and after some time they just drop down.

where to find:
In the Big Shell Level on Strut F in the upper level in the eastern room in which you can also find the normal PSG1. It is hidden in an airvent here.



The Stinger is a ground to air rocket launcher with an explosive effect. The Stinger rocketlauncher is probably the most effective weapon in Metal Gear Solid 2. And shooting around with it is the most fun on top of that!
The Stinger has an infrared guided aiming system with which you only aim once, the weak spot of the enemy is displayed and when you have it perfectly in your aim the target square changes its color to red. Now you just have to pull the trigger and thanks to the infrared aiming device the rocket will hit the target on its own. This is very easy but sadly the ammunition for the Stinger is very rare.

The Stinger is very effective against the Harrier and also against the Metal Gear Rays. When fighting the Rays you get enough ammunition supplied to fight them off.

where to find:
In the Big Shell Level. Snake throws it down to you when you start fighting the Harrier on the Shell 1-2 Connecting Bridge. And this comes in right on time, your really need the Stinger for the Bossfight against the Harrier on the Shell 1-2 Connecting Bridge. So you better shoot the Harrier and not Snake!



The RGB6 is a mortar. You have to calculate the ballistics of the projectile into your aiming when shooting. As soon as the mortar grenade hits it is very destructive.

where to find:
In the Big Shell Level again in the Strut F on the upper level in the northern room.



The Nikita Rocketlauncher with controllable rockets is a very fictional weapon but it is still very fun to use it. You have to launch the rocket from the FPV, then stay there and guide the rocket to its destination where it shall explode. When the rocket doesn't hit anything it just explodes in midair after some time.

where to find:
In the Big Shell Level inside the Shell 2 Core. Find it under water in the flooded B1 Filter Chamber No. 1.


High Frequency Blade

The High Frequency Blade (HF Blade) is the coolest weapon within the game, but also the weapon you need the most practice to use it effectively.
You get the High Frequency Sword from Snake in the stomach of Arsenal Gear. It once was the Ninja's blade, but the Ninja decided to cooperate with Snake so he can give it to you. And even when the game is nearing its end at that point you get enough time to practise the controls of the ninjablade.

You control the HF Blade via the right analog stick:

Move the analog stick to the right or to the left to swing the HF Sword to the right or to the left.
When moving the right analog stick up Raiden swings the blade up, when moving the stick down Raiden swingt the sword down.
When you move the right analog stick in a whole circle Raiden performs a cool spinattack.
To just stab with the sword you press the right analog stick into the controller.
You can also block attacks with the High Frequency Blade by pressing button. Raiden will then deflect most of the bullets aimed at him and also block blows from other swords.

It is also important to know that you can turn the blade with the button button. When it is displayed in red in your inventory you kill your enemies with a blow from your HF Blade, while when it is turned around and shown in blue you attack with the blunt side of the sword and thus only knock out your enemies.
So when you want to play a No-Kill Game you have to turn your sword around, do so at least in the Ascending Colon. But please notice you can still kill your enemies with a stab.

where to find:
After you leave the Big Shell Level for Arsenal Gear Snake hands you the High Frequency Blade as he is no fan of blades. He has his principles though a sword is very stylish too. Even though it is no Hattori Hanzo sword it is still good enough to defeat Solidus Snake.


Coolant Spray

Now this is a cool tool. You use this can to get into Fatman's bombs on the Shell 1 and freeze them so much that they don't work anymore.
After defusing Fatman's bombs you can still make use of the Coolant Spray. You can extinguish fires with it and get rid of annoying bugs on the ground and elsewhere. But watch out, the aerosol in it won't last forever and useful Coolant Spray is quickly run dry on rapid fire.
Another use of the Coolantspray is spraying it into a soldiers face and blind him for some time. He can't see anymore and gasps for fresh air but you won't knock him out that way.

As soon as you equipped the coolantspay in your inventory you switch to the FPV. And then you are locked in place and can't move anymore. So you better position your self right before switching to the Coolant Spray.

where to find:
In the Big Shell Level. You get it from Peter Stillman quite at the beginning of the game in Strut C.



This is a hand grenade, what else. It doesn't cause as much trouble as the Stinger but is still quite effective against singled out soldiers. Throw it on the enemy you want to get rid of and there he goes.

where to find:
In the Tanker and in the Big Shell Level. You get it from knocked out enemies and find it here and there in the floors.


Stun Grenade

The Stun Grenade explodes very loud and bright so that hearing this and looking into the blast blinds you and makes you temporarily stunned.
When you use it right you can knock our your enemies with it. So it is a non lethal weapon.

where to find:
In the Tanker and in the Big Shell Level. You get it from knocked out enemies and find it here and there in the floors.


Chaff Grenade

The Chaff Grenade interferes all kind of electronic devices like Cameras but also your radar and sensors. So be careful with the Chaff Grenade and plan well where you use it.

where to find:
In the Tanker and in the Big Shell Level. You get it from knocked out enemies and find it here and there in the floors.



The C4 is a highly concentrated plastic explosive (Semtex) you can plant with the button button. When dropped somewhere you can select a different weapon and still explode it with the button button. But once you planted a unit of C4 you cannot pick it up again.

The C4 is very effective in the fight against Vamp.

where to find:
See list Where is which weapon?



The Claymore Mine is an anti person mine that explodes in a directional explosion and can be used to trap enemies into walking into the explosion cone. Once they step into the explosion cone the mine explodes with the poor guy stepping in. The Claymore mine is hidden in the ground but you can see the mine on your radar with the minedetector. You won't ever spot a Claymore with your naked eye. The Thermal Goggles are also useful in finding Claymores. Especially when you guard Emma on the Oilfence
You can disarm and the pick up the Claymore by crawling over it. But please beware, never do this with a real Claymore mine.

where to find:
In the Big Shell Level. A lot of them are on the EF Connecting Bridge.



The Magazine is no weapon but an empty shell of a handgun that is in your inventory on the weapon side. You can throw it away and distract a guard with the sound this makes.
Other than that there is no use to the magazine...

where to find:
Nowhere to be found, these are generated naturally.


Where is which Weapon?

To spare you the details of all weapon's descriptions or in case you just missed one, here you can find a table that lists all weapons from all chapters of the game.
And additionally there is the location listed in which you will find the weapon.
The weapons are listed in alphabetical order, not by power of the weapon.

AKS-74u AutomaticStrut F Warehouse, B1Big Shell
High Frequency BladeArsenal Gear
Ascending Colon
Big Shell
M4 Semi-AutomaticStrut F Warehouse, 1FBig Shell
M9 Tranquilizer GunSnakes InventoryTanker
M9 Tranquilizer GunStrut F Warehouse, 1FBig Shell
Nikita R.C.Shell 2 Core, B1 (No. 1)Big Shell
PSG1 Sniper RifleStrut F Warehouse, 1FBig Shell
PSG1-T Tra. RifleStrut F Warehouse, 1FBig Shell
RGB6 Grenade LauncherStrut F Warehouse, 1FBig Shell
Socom PistolStrut B Transformer RoomBig Shell
Stinger Missile LauncherShell 1-2 Connect. BridgeBig Shell
USP PistolNavigational DeckTanker

not so obvious to find and very rare weapons
C4Strut F Warehouse, 1F, in the north,
LVL2 Keycard needed
Shell 1 Core, 1F in a locker
Shell 2 Core, B1, Hold No. 2
Claymoreon the EF Connecting Bridge a lot
Strut A, on the roof (northeast)
Strut E at the Heliport
Strut F - 1F
Shell 1 Core, 1F
Socom SuppressorStrut F Lower Level,
crawl into the ventilation
Very Easy: already in the Strut B
AKS-74u SuppressorShell 1-2 Connecting Bridge behind the fire
Very Easy: Strut F, Lower Level, LVL2
USP SuppressorNavigational Deck
on a second playthrough on the mast

Well, that's all folks, all the weapons you can find and will use in Metal Gear Solid 2 - Sons of Liberty and Substance. If you want to know more about these weapons and if they are real and some more details let me recommend you to Wavehawks Real Weapon FAQ. You can find it at GameFAQs under the following URL:

There are more images in the Wikia article:

MGS2 Real Weapons Wiki

Radar Difficulty Level Questions before the game

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