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Assassination Missions: Autocide Map

You get your mission briefing for Autocide on GTA Vice City on the same phone at the shopping mall in Washington Beach you already got the Assassination Missions: Road Kill from. You get the call on your cellphone the earliest after finishing the Ricardo Diaz: The fastest Boat mission. And of course after finishing the previous assassination missions.

Finally a sniper mission as assassination mission! So grab a fast car or a fast bike. Then grab the sniper rifle and Uzi and here we go. Both weapons are hidden in a garden to the west of the phone at the road crossing. You can see it on your radar marked with the turquoise marker. In front of the garden there is always a PCJ 600, but a fast car is better for this mission. But no matter what car you bring to this mission, as soon as you receive the call to start the mission the car you brought is gone. But there is a 65% chance that a (red) Infernus is parked on the parking lot of the shopping mall. That's fast and good enough for now. Until you find a better fast car, as the Infernus tends to wreck really fast.

Victim #1: Mike Griffin
Your first victim is located high up in the air, on the billboard in Washington beach. There you have to look up high. It is best to approach him from the west as you can only see him from there. And get away fast as there are a lot of cops around the shopping mall.
Is it just me and my bad luck or are there really more cops around everywhere once you started this mission? And they are even more aggressive. So watch out! It should calm down again after you pass the mission though.

Victim #2: Dick Tanner
Nice name, eh. Well, don't get too close to Numero 2, otherwise you have to take out a Securi-Car, and this takes a lot of time. Approach him from the north. There you will also see the police bribe star you shall take after shooting him. Climb on the scaffolding at the end of the road and shoot him with your sniper rifle through his front shield window from the roof on the other side of the road. Make sure you land a headshot on the first try. Shooting his chest won't kill him and he will drive away in the secury car.

Victim #3 + #4: Marc Hammond & Franco Carter
Shoot number 3 and 4 just like you did with the number 2 through the windshield but from even farther away. These two guys are very nervous (were they planning to rob the jewelry store?) and tend to drive away easily. Approach them from the north again and keep really close to the northern wall of the building along the road (the wall of the building where the guy in the Ricardo Diaz: The Chase mission lives). If you are close to the middle of the walkway they will see you and drive away, and this will get annoying, so keep close to the wall. Then shoot the driver of the Jeep first or he will drive away. Once the drive is killed the codriver will get out and run towards you. Shoot him quick or he will kill you with 2-3 shots from his shotgun.
Afterwards you will have at least a wanted level of 2, so one police bribe star is inside and in the middle of the building complex right behind you, another one is on the open lawn close to the pizza joint. Grab them both, this makes it easier.

Victim #5: Nick Kong
The 5th guy on your list is on a yacht, you can easily snipe him out there with your sniper rifle. So drive into the hotel complex to the north of him up to the wall, get out of your car, don't get stuck in the pool, jump over the wall, and approach the yacht. He won't flee as this would be plain unfair. So shoot him, run up the hill back to your car and drive out of the hotel complex towards your last victim.

Victim #6: Charlie Dilson
And the last and 6th victim will be killed with a drive by shooting. Or just run him over. But he is on a PJC 600 and drive pretty good, so just following him won't do the trick. You should better drive parallel to him and hope he turns into your direction and then run him over.
And no matter how careful you approach him, he will always speed away. This is what you need the fast car for!


- The names of the victims are all plays on names of heroes from other games from around that time. Mike Griffin sounds like Mace Griffin (Bounty Hunter), Dick Tanner is Tanner from Driver, Marc Hammond, Franco Carter and Charlie Dilson are Mark Hammond, Frank Carter and Charlie Jolson from The Getaway and Nick Kong is Nick Kang William from True Crimes: Streets of LA...

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