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Assassination Missions: Check out at the Check In Map

You get the call for the Check out at the Check In assassination mission after completing all previous assassination missions and completing the Vercetti Estate: Shakedown mission.

You receive your mission objective at the public phone at the airport. So get inside there for real, with giving up your weapons and all.

Park a fast car outside the airport, preferably at the left entrance. Then get to the phone and receive the call. Listen to what your part time boss has to say and then grab the weapon and get towards the exchange taking place but don't get too close. Move along the glasswall towards the entrance until you are right between the two entrances. That is a good spot.
After they exchanged their goods shoot the receiver, then his bodyguard will be coming at you so shoot him too before he reaches you.
Then grab the suitcase he lost and speed to the Ammu Nation. After the second turn away from the airport mafia guys in heavy black cars will come at you and shoot you with Uzis. This can be very annoying so you better hurry up and leave them behind or, just like mentioned in the hints, you fly by helicopter.


- If you miss the guy he runs to the left gate. You still have the chance to get him there.

- Pick up the gun and get too close to the woman. Repeat this until you have a lot of ammunition. Otherwise these shells are pretty expensive.

- When escaping to the Ammu Nation use short cuts and expand on them..

-> Hint by alldead:
- I always used a helicopter for this mission, landed on the green area outside of the airport, got the suitcase and then flew directly to the Ammu Nation.

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