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Assassination Missions: Loose Ends Map

You collect the loose ends mission on a public phone in Little Havana after completing the Malibu Club: The Shootist mission.

Drive towards the second island from Starfish Island and turn right on the main road. Quickly take the next road left and at the T-section turn left again and there is the phone already.

Before you start this mission you should know it is pretty hard, so load up on everything before starting, health, armor, ammo, especially your sniper ammo. You will need it. Then save your game at the printworks or Sunshine Autos (or the cherry popper ice cream factory, but people reported glitches when saving there so this is not recommended) and then get to the phone in Little Havana.
Now you have to fight and especially shoot your way through here. So aim at every single one and shoot him until he is dead. On your way to the roof you can find 2 Heart Icons and 1 Armor. Once you made it to the roof you have to grab the bag and fly to the heliport at the airport. You can also drive there but the Maverick is really inviting there.


- On the billboard in front of the factory are also some bad guys.

- Once you reached the roof take care, there are 3 guys hiding behind the ventilations and will surprise you. Once they are dead you can easily fly to the airport. All in all there are 5 guys guarding the suitcase on the roof and 2 of them can be sniped from somewhere below already.

->Hint by alldead:
- Just land on the roof next to the suitcase with a helicopter and then snipe everything that moves.

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