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Well, then drive to the TopFun Van and get in. What follows now is awfully hard but also doable. I wouldn't want to play this on the iPhone though.
Fly over to the Cubans and drop a bomb on a boat. And now all other boats escape from the scene and you have to get them.
But wait, at first drop a bomb on the Hermes that is standing at the water (as long as it is still standing still, as it would start driving later on) and on the surviving Cubans. Now you can pay full attention to the boats.

You have 3 planes you can crash on this mission. You die if you fall or fly into the water or if you are too close to an explosion of one of your bombs, if you are hit by a bullet, and so on, and so on. But try to fly very low over the boats as your bombs take up too much time to drop down otherwise and the boat you want to hit is farther away. And it is hard to guess where a boat will go if you are high up in the sky.
And this makes this mission very frustrating, but sooner or later you will also get this mission done. If you are lucky you do it as me, I bombed away 3 boats right at the start, then the Hermes and then there was only one boat left, and that's easy! Good Luck!


If you don't destroy the Hermes at the beginning it starts driving a huge circle all over Little Haiti.

-> Hint by Jet Jaguar
- I think the mission "Bombs Away" by Auntie Poulet is very hard. But you can just run over the cubans on land with your plane and they will do nothing about it. Then you bomb away the empty boats and pass the mission

- And once you made it through Bombs Away and got used to the whacky controls of the RC planes, you should now finish the Checkpoint Races: RC Baron Race mission, this one also involves some RC planes.

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