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Auntie Poulet Haitians: Juju Scramble Map

No matter what your PS2 tells you, don't let is scramble your juju, don't be afraid of the cops being at the suitcase before you are. Better be afraid of the 2 stars additional wanted level you get for every suitcase you collect and you have to collect 3 suitcases after all. So, let me calculate this through real fast for you, oh, wait, is this even possible, oh noes, this means, holy shit, a 6 star goddamned wanted level!
After you collected the first suitcase a timer starts and after the second suitcase you are close to a police bribe star, the way to the third suitcase even leads you towards the police bribe star, so you have a wanted level of only 3 stars after the 2nd suitcase and 5 stars after the last suitcase. And if you make it back to the hut you earned unbelievable $1.000 and had the FBI and army on your ass... tail.


- Don't even try to get rid of the 5 stars and drive back to Auntie Poulets hut as fast as possible. The wanted level stars just disappear after the mission.
- If you don't make it to the last suitcase in time you can still get it by killing the FBI agent that carries away the suitcase.

-> hint by alldead!
- I always did this on foot (at least from suitcase 2 to 3, as you can use the backyard alleys and probably collect a police bribe star [not entirely sure about that].)

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