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Well, well, the missions are getting more interesting now...

So that Avery Carrington can build his buildings whereever he wants he needs room. So it seems kind of stupid that right there, where he wants to build another building of his own a building is located already... so it seems kind of good that he knows ruthless people like you. We play the demolition man for Avery Carrington now.
Walk down the street to the TopFun Van. Of course you get into the van now.
So what you have to do now is really cool: you have to navigate a remote controlled small helicopter with a bomb attached to it to the correct location and then drop the bomb over the target.

So practise flying with the RC helicopter without a bomb attached in the huge open area first before you start the mission. The timer for the mission starts ticking down when you pick up the first bomb.

Let's go, you have to plant 4 bombs.

1st Bomb.... into the 4th floor

Fly over the street, enter the building through the small door and fly up the stairs to the 2nd floor. Once you exit the stairs turn around by 180 and get in right next to where you just came out and then just rise up to the 4th floor. Up there get out of the staircase and to the left. Drop the bomb there.

In case you have 4 minutes left by now this is more than enough.

2nd Bomb.... into the 3rd floor

Just like the first bomb but you fly into the 3rd floor, not the 4th this time, you exit the staircase and turn west and drop it there!

3rd Bomb.... ground floor

Cross the street and drop it into the pink ghetto firepit.

4th Bomb.... into the 2nd floor

via the stairs you get back into the 2nd floor, turn to the right and then pass the wall on the left and behind it there is the place you want to drop you bomb to finish off demolition man.


- Don't let the workers come too close. If there are too many of them after you and your helicopter it can happen that the bomb lands on their heads and doesn't count as placed on the target location. Then you have to pick it up again an drop it spot on this time. And when the workers start attacking your helicopter it is getting really hard, so you better:
- kill the workers with the rotor blades of your heli :)
- You can enter the building before actually picking up the first bomb and kill all the workers in here with your rotor blades without a timer running against you. Don't wreck you heli though.

-> Hint by Andi:
- My hint for this mission is to keep the bomb for the 4th floor as the last bomb so you don't have to make the long way back.

That's it for Avery, he is on a short vacation now. To be able to play the next mission from him you have to finish some missions for Ricardo Diaz first.
If you enjoy flying around with the RC Helicopters then look forward to the RC Raiders Mission. You can play it on the second island, to open this up you first have to do some missions for Ricardo Diaz.

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