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*Country Club Outfit at Jocksport.
*Leaf Links Golf Course officially open

Now you are told to beat up someone on the golf course for the Four Iron mission. To be able to sneak in there you need the right clothes. So drive to Jocksports close to the golf course and grab the golfer dress and then head towards the golf course. You look pretty ugly in your new outfit and people on the streets comment on that. Walk to the golf course by foot to get some good laughs from the comments the people have for your new outfit.
When you enter the golf course all your weapons are taken away from you except your melee weapons. So don't be afraid, there is a golf club waiting for you, but I don't recommend the golf club as the weapon of choice for this mission, even though it is called Four Iron. The better weapon of choice is the hammer or the baseballbat(!!).
Now take the golf car called Cabby that is parked at the club house for you and drive to the training course. Once you are close enough all the bodyguards of the target person start attacking you. So do the only reasonable thing: invite them to a picnic on the golf course, no wait, kill them all! If you are lucky and fast enough you can kill them all before your target person can get into a Caddy and try to escape. In this case the mission is very easy. If he manages to get into his Caddy car though it is getting tough. You have to follow him now. It is only reasonable to do so with a car, probably the Caddy you came with as you won't stand a chance to catch him while you are running after him on foot!
So follow him to the club house and once he gets out of his Caddy run him over. Better do it twice!
In case he manages to get away from you there too you have to follow him again. Forget about your weapons, you can collect them later. He will enter a car, so steal his car. He gets out at once and has no other option as fleeing by foot. Now you can again run over him as you are in his car already or you get back to the club house and collect all your weapons again and kill him off with them or you invite him to a picnic on the... shut up already!
In the worst case, when he gets in his car and drives away you better pray for a comet standing in front of the clubhouse so that you can catch up to him. It happened to me that no car was there to hunt him down and once I finally found a car the mission was over.


- It is easy to jump on the small bridge with a PCJ 600. The bridge spans over the main road crossing the golf island. Drive up the northern hill to the right of the bridge with a small angle and Tommy will land on the bridge most of the time. Then you still have all your weapons on the golf course and eventually can snipe the target. At least you can get after him faster than with the Caddy.
To the west of the club house is a ramp to get out of the golf course with every vehicle.

-> Hint by alldead:
- you can jump from a car over the small fence to the left of the clubhouse onto the golf course and keep all your weapons this way :)

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You can also push all the caddies into the water with that of yours before going to kill him. this way he will have no way to escape.

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