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*Shortly after you will get a call from the CUBAN contact
*Havana Outfit available at Little Havana Streetware

Now we drive to Raphael's in Little Haiti and dress up like a Haitian. At least the game tells you to drive to Raphaels, actually it is just a rundown shop. So whatever shop this is, change your clothes and drive to the funeral now.
And now something absolutely unexpected happens, your target person will run from you as soon as you approach the graveyard (the marker on your map)... again.
So what do you do? Just follow him, drive after him, or I should better say, drive next to him because they throw explosive stuff from the hearse. When you are driving with the same speed and next to the hearse just pull out your Uzi and drive-by-shoot the hearse to handle thing pretty quick and easy. If this won't do the trick get the driver of the car out of the car and shoot him on the open street.


-> Hint by alldead:
- you can shoot the guy with the sniper rifle, I did this once but it doesn't work all the time.

-> hint by Andi:
You can easily get the job done by not going into the alleay where all the guys are but enter a small alley behind it in the garden like area.
Park your car next to the fence, jump on the car and then kill the guy with your ruger gun without having to mess around with other enemies.

Avery Carrington will from now on work for you.

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