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Buy weapons at first, some kind of Uzi will do. Get full armor then grab a bike. Ride over the huge stairs in front of the Ammu Nation in Downtown (Unique Stunt 2) and jump onto the roof on the other side of the road.
Get rid of the 3 guys on the roof and now position yourself on the top of the stairs. Now, in a seemingly endless stream there will be coming a lot of guys that you kill all one after the other.
Once there is no one coming anymore (yes, it really stops) get down all the stairs and find the bike. You can also try to storm towards the bike, maybe this stops the armed guys coming faster than just waiting for them to stop coming.
Then grab the bike and drive it out just like you came in. That means drive up the stairs and with a wheelie over the rim of the roof. Bring the bike to Big Baker and you can start the Love Fist: Publicity Tour mission.

- start this mission with full health and armor, you will need it.
- You can fly to the roof at the end of the long stairs with a helicopter if you can't find a fast bike. (thanks to Staplerklaus for this hint).
- If you don't exit via the roof you came from but over the small set of stairs to the back you have a longer way back to the biker gang and get harassed all the time by gang members in vans. So drive out via the roof indeed.

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1) Staplerklaus  (mail hidden)
wrote on:
ich bin mit dem Maverick vom Hyman Condo zum Dach geflogen, da ich kein schnelles Bike gefunden habe. Geht auch.

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