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This mission is hard in case you don't know what to do. So let me tell you, everything counts, stealing, murdering, destroying, running over pedestrians, killing cops, and so on. Killing cops adds the most to your chaos meter. Once you killed some of them even more cops appear because of your wanted level. Exploding copcars add even more to your chaos karma. Once a copcar exploded keep on shooting it, this still counts :)
Getting up to a 3 star wanted level help as then police helicopters appear. Shooting down one of them also heavily fills the chaos meter.


- start this mission with full health and armor, you will need it.
- rapid fire with the flamethrower is very effective!!!

!!!! ATTENTION !!!!

After the mission you have at least 4 wanted stars, so you better search for a Pay 'n Spray.
In case you own the Skumole Shack (go buy it before the mission) go there, save and reload and the wanted level is gone.


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1) Spring94  (mail hidden)
wrote on:
For this you can just spawn a tank and while heading to the nearest paintnspray shoot from the tank at cars its easier, effective and you'll definitely atrack cops along the way. When youhave accomplished the mission be quick steal a car and enter the paintnspray otherwise you are f...

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