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Checkpoint Races: Cone Crazy Map

So what would you expect, of course you have to collect a lot of checkpoints in this mission and even more you have to be careful while doing so. In case you trip over one of the red white striped cones the mission is failed.
You find the fitting car, that is a Stallion on the roof of the car park in Ocean Beach. The one with a lot of green plants on it. The one where you once pick up a Ruger for the Colonel and meet Lance for the Colonel Cortez: Guardian Angels mission.

So get in and start. Get the checkpoint right in front of you at first, be careful though. Drive past the middle cone on the left so that you can get out of there backwards pretty quick, driving around there takes too much time. When getting out there backwards follow this with a U-turn and you should be right in front of the next checkpoint. Find a way through to it and then get out there quick. Now drive to the 2 checkpoints on the ramp. Be careful, there is a cone on the ramp. Drive past it on the left, well on the inside.
Now you are in the perfect position for the last checkpoint. Drive there and get it!
That's it for Cone Crazy.

Of course you need this for the 100%.

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