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Checkpoint Races: Downtown Chopper Map

This mission is only accessible after completing the Ricardo Diaz: Rub Out mission.

This mission is quite similar to the Checkpoint Races: Ocean Beach Chopper mission. You just fly around and collect stupid checkpoints flying around in midair and that's about it. You just have to watch out that you don't wreck you heli. You can find the heli on a side wing of the building from which you drive up with the elevator for the InterGlobal Films Inc.: G Spotlight mission.
Another description is: get to the police station in Downtown and get up the long set of stairs behind it. If you are lucky there is a police Maverick to be found here. And a little bit below on one of the buildings right next to here you see another helicopter. So fly there and start the mission.

And of course you need this for the 100%.

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