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Checkpoint Races: Hyman Memorial Stadium Events Map

You can see the location of the Hyman Memorial Stadium in the map to the left of this text.
So how do you start a race mission at the Hyman Memorial Stadium and join in on an event there?
Every night from 20:00 o'clock to 23:59 o'clock the Hyman Memorial Stadium invites you to join a special event. The door in the middle of the eastern entrance side of the Hyman Memorial Stadium opens up and you just walk in to start the event of the day.
If you really want to finish the event of the day you should save at around 13:30 o'clock at the Hyman Condo, every time you save the game the in game clock jumps forwards by 6 hours, so you can just easily get to the Hyman Memorial Stadium then and start the event. And in case you fail the mission, which happens a lot with these events, you can just reload the game and start the event again and don't have to wait for the evening again.
And if you are waiting for the in-game clock to reach 13:30 and don’t know what to do, well, you could save a few times and make the clock jump, or you just steal interesting cars and fill up the many huge garages of the Hyman Condo. Maybe with PCJs from Howlin’ Pete’s?

Every day there is a different event and there are 3 different events at all rotating every day, such as:

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