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1st rank: $5,000
2nd rank: $1,500
3rd rank: $500

Checkpoint Races: Hyman Memorial Stadium Events: Hot Ring Map

In this mission you have to rank in the first 3 ranks in a hard 12 lap race while driving in a Hotring Racer. There is a war on the road going on, you better fasten your seatbelt! This race is very frustrating (but somehow really doable!), so read everything on this page and everything I wrote about the Hyman Stadium Missionen in general!

For the 100% you have to finish ranking first of course!

The tactic that works best by now: Fight your way to the 5th rank at least right at the beginning and you have a chance of a good ranking in the end. Behind the 5th rank you will get shaken and rammed all the time. To get so far right from the start steer left and fight your way there on the inner lane right from the start. Watch out for crashing cars in front of you, you better avoid these.
If there is something happening in front of you go slower and don't speed into it uncontrolled as your car likes to slide a lot. Avoid crashed cars by far but watch out, some of them like to speed up once you are next to them and then just crash into you.
If your are on first or second rank (first rank is better of course) and you are in a lap higher than 6 and you lapped some cars already you might consider driving out to the right and repair your car. Repairing up to 2/3 or 3/4 is enough most of the times, otherwise you'll lose too much time. In case you are first before you drive out get back into the ring once the 2nd drives by and pushes your back to 2nd place as you still have to accelerate. And then drive save and look ahead, just like I already explained above.
I started one race after the other by saving at close to 17:00 o'clock at the Hyman Condo and then running to the Stadium starting the frustrating races. But after 30 minutes or 1 hour I scored the first place. So practise helps really a lot here.

To drive the hot ride called Hotring Racer you drive within the hot race also on the streets of Vice City you have to complete the 4th list from Sunshine Autos.

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