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Checkpoint Races: PCJ Playground Map

Straight opposite of the police station in Washington Beach (to the north) are some palm trees and behind them, in the corner of the hotels there is a PCJ600. Once you take a seat on the hot bike the mission starts.

You task is to collect 24 checkpoints in just 2 minutes time. Where these checkpoints are and how you do this is noted down in the following gonzo report.

1) and 2) can be collected in one go, just drive up the ramp to the roof, then get down from the roof and jump via the stairs (used as a ramp) to the 3) ... 4) and 5) are on the ground... now get good momentum and speed up over the stairs to 6) and continue onto the roof on the other side of the road. There is the 7). Get down from the roof. 8) 9) 10)... now turn left and not too fast over the pile of wood to 11)... 12) ... road and traffic crossing ... 13) get to 14) slowly and turn left to 15)... pass the pillars on the right and collect 16).
After the pillars turn right and get 17)... through the underground walkway 18) watch out for the post 19) 20) down the street to the right 21) ... 22) now get momentum and grab 23) and 24).

If your PCJ gets wrecked too much right before 23) or 24) you can steal another PCJ in the yard before 23).

On the roof where this checkpoint race ends you can just start the Ocean Beach Helicopter Checkpoint mission.

If you screwed up and want to cancel the mission just get into a car.

And again you need this mission for the 100% completion.

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