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Checkpoint Races: RC Bandit Race Map

The RC-Bandits race is shown on your map, that came with the game. You can find this checkpoint race on the beach in Vice Point. Your task is to drive and win a race with RC cars.
This strange line is the race track. Get there and get in the TopFun Van. So, but now I can't help you that much more and give you hints on how to win the race as you will have to practice this a lot and get used to the turns and get to know how fast and in which angle you take the turns, where to speed up, where to slow down and so on. Towards the end of the lap the curves are narrower. Your enemies on the track are non-solid, this means you can just drive through them and don't have to avoid them and also you can't be rammed by them. The car on the first place drives really good so it still fair and challenging to beat this drive. After about 4-5 tries you should know the course well enough to finally win.
You can blow up your car with the button-button in case you totally screwed up on a try. You can find the TopFun Van to the south of the course.

And of course you need this for the 100%.

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